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When we received the news that Amphora was coming back, we were excited to try the new blends. Please welcome back Amphora Original and Amphora Full Aroma pipe tobaccos and they are fantastic. Any fan of the original Amphora blends will be welcoming an old friend back into their rotation. These classic Dutch Cavendish blends including Amphora Black Cavendish have been missing from our shores for quite some time, but now they're back to please a whole new generation of pipe enthusiasts with their pleasing aromas, mellow to medium blends, and affordable prices. The newest additions to the Amphora line include Amphora Virginia Blend - a great tasting straight Virginia at an attractive price, Amphora Kentucky Blend, for those who like a bolder,  slightly smoky tobacco, Amphora Burley for people who prefer mellow flavor that still has body, and Amphora English for Latakia lovers.

Pipe Tobacco Samplers (1)

Amphora Pouch Kit Pipe Tobacco Samplers
Amphora Pouch Kit1 Option4.46 out of 5Ratings13 $32.00 

Pipe Tobacco (7)

Amphora Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco
Amphora Black Cavendish1 Option4.41 out of 5Ratings51 $8.05 
Amphora Burley Pipe Tobacco
Amphora Burley1 Option4.2 out of 5Ratings20 $8.05 
Amphora English Blend Pipe Tobacco
Amphora English Blend1 Option4.13 out of 5Ratings8 $8.05 
Amphora Full Aroma Pipe Tobacco
Amphora Full Aroma1 Option4.67 out of 5Ratings91 $8.05 
Amphora Kentucky Blend Pipe Tobacco
Amphora Kentucky Blend1 Option4.5 out of 5Ratings2 $8.05 
Amphora Original Pipe Tobacco
Amphora Original1 Option4.36 out of 5Ratings100 $8.05 
Amphora Virginia Pipe Tobacco
Amphora Virginia1 Option4.65 out of 5Ratings43 $8.05