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Churchwarden Pipes

Churchwarden pipes stem back to a time in history where churches never locked their doors. It's said that during that time churchwardens or watchmen kept an eye on the building at night. Something that helped them pass the time was pipe tobacco, and so they had pipes made with extremely long stems to avoid the pipe and aftermath of the tobacco from getting in their line of sight. Also referred to as reading pipes, the long stem allows you to enjoy a pipe while still looking down to read your favorite book. The Churchwarden long tobacco pipe is a unique piece to add to your collection. 
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Peterson Churchwarden Pipes
Peterson Churchwarden Pipes7 Options  As low as $115.49 
Stanwell Hans Christian Andersen Pipes
Stanwell Hans Christian Andersen Pipes14 Options4.89 out of 5Ratings9 As low as $125.90 
MacQueen Ashwood Pipes
MacQueen Ashwood Pipes3 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $35.99 
Savinelli Churchwarden Brown Pipes
Savinelli Churchwarden Brown Pipes2 Options3 out of 5Rating1 $83.77 
Dwarf  Cherry Dwarf (3131C)
Dwarf Cherry Dwarf (3131C)3 out of 5Ratings2$60.00$41.99Only 1 Left
Mastro Geppetto Pipes
Mastro Geppetto22 Options  As low as $134.99 
Rigoletto Straight Billiard Churchwarden  Estate Pipe
Rigoletto Straight Billiard Churchwarden Estate Pipe  $54.99Out Of Stock