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Decatur is a well-known brand among veteran pipe enthusiasts. For years, they made the most popular pipe stands and furniture available. After an extended absence, Decatur is back and on a roll. Not only have they begun making handsome stands and rests from exotic hardwoods, they've created a new line of cleaning products and tools for your pipes, called Decatur Pipe Shield. Take a look at the all-new Decatur and you'll be hooked.
New for 2015 are the Decatur pipe tobaccos. These tasty, reasonably priced blends are easy on the palate, tongue and wallet. Known for delivering value and quality, Decatur now extends that reputation to these pleasant tobaccos.
To add to their lineup, Decatur introduces Decatur Rusticated Pipes. These rugged and handsome-looking pipes are made of decades-old briar with a bark-like rustication. They're light in weight, smoke cool and dry, and are eminently affordable.
Finally, there's the new Decatur Pipe Lighter. Made to look like a liquid fuel lighter, this is a piezo-electric ignition butane lighter with an side-firing soft flame.

Pipe Stands (1)

Decatur Pipe Stands
Decatur Pipe Stands1 Option4.14 out of 5Ratings7 $31.99 

Pipe Accessories (8)

Decatur Dossier Pipe Accessories
Decatur Dossier1 Option4.53 out of 5Ratings32 $24.99 
Decatur Pipe Shield Briar-Fresh Pipe Accessories
Decatur Pipe Shield Briar-Fresh1 Option4.84 out of 5Ratings95 $3.69 
Decatur Pipe Shield Haze Away Pipe Accessories
Decatur Pipe Shield Haze Away1 Option4.21 out of 5Ratings24 $9.99 
Decatur Pipe Shield No-Buff Wax Pipe Accessories
Decatur Pipe Shield No-Buff Wax1 Option4.47 out of 5Ratings60 $9.99 
Decatur Pipe Shield No-Ox Pipe Accessories
Decatur Pipe Shield No-Ox1 Option4.31 out of 5Ratings16 $9.99 
Decatur Pipe Shield Polishing Cloth Pipe Accessories
Decatur Pipe Shield Polishing Cloth1 Option4.84 out of 5Ratings49 $7.99 
Decatur Pipe Stacker Tray Pipe Accessories
Decatur Pipe Stacker Tray1 Option4 out of 5Ratings5 $22.99 
Decatur Ream-All Pipe Accessories
Decatur Ream-All1 Option4.79 out of 5Ratings108 $19.99 

Pipe Cleaners (2)

Decatur Pipe Knife Pipe Cleaners
Decatur Pipe Knife1 Option4.76 out of 5Ratings17 $14.99 
Decatur Tapered Pipe Cleaners
Decatur Tapered Pipe Cleaners2 Options4.82 out of 5Ratings170 As low as $2.25 

Miscellaneous (1)

Decatur Pipe Caddy Miscellaneous
Decatur Pipe Caddy1 Option5 out of 5Ratings6 $49.99