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Hearth & Home Signature

Hearth & Home Signature

This premium series of hand-blended pipe tobacco has been created by master blender Russ Ouellette using over 25 years of tobacco blending experience and represents a careful approach to developing tobaccos with flavor, aroma and burning characteristics. For the pipe smoker looking something unique, there should be at least one of these blends that will satisfy.
New for 2015 is the addition of Hearth & Home Signature pipes - large briars, made in the US and surprisingly light for their size. Like all of the H&H products, they represent excellent value. Choose between Hearth & Home Signature Dark Sandblast and Tan Sandblast  here at P&C.
Stoke up that bowl of H&H in your Signature pipe with the all-new Hearth & Home pipe lighter, a side-firing butane in an attractive forest green case.

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