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JetLine does two things incredibly well. First, they make reliable, easy to use, attractive lighters. But maybe more importantly, they deliver a great product at a very affordable price. So if you're looking for functionality on a budget, you don't need to look any further than JetLine.

Lighters (21)

Jetline Bolero Triple Lighter
Jetline Bolero Triple Lighter4 Options  $49.99 
JetLine Dante Torch Lighter
JetLine Dante Torch Lighter1 Option  $21.99 
Jetline DT-101 Quad-Flame Lighter
Jetline DT-101 Quad-Flame Lighter3 Options  $39.99 
JetLine DT500 Quad Table Lighter
JetLine DT500 Quad Table Lighter1 Option  $29.99 
JetLine G5000 Triple Table Lighter
JetLine G5000 Triple Table Lighter1 Option  $39.99 
JetLine Golem Pipe Tool Lighter
JetLine Golem Pipe Tool Lighter4 Options4.43 out of 5Ratings58 $25.00 
Jetline Gotham Lighter
Jetline Gotham Lighter2 Options  $24.99 
Jetline Gotham Lite Triple Lighters
Jetline Gotham Lite Triple1 Option3 out of 5Ratings2 $14.99 
Jetline Magna Quad-Flame Lighter
Jetline Magna Quad-Flame Lighter3 Options5 out of 5Ratings3 $24.99 
Jetline New York Dual-Flame Lighter
Jetline New York Dual-Flame Lighter3 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings2 $14.50 
Jetline New York Quad-Flame Lighters
Jetline New York Quad-Flame2 Options  $19.50 
Jetline New York Triple-Flame Lighter
Jetline New York Triple-Flame Lighter4 Options4 out of 5Ratings3 $17.50 
JetLine Opal Flint Soft Lighter
JetLine Opal Flint Soft Lighter1 Option4.24 out of 5Ratings17 $24.99 
JetLine Patriot Triple Lighter
JetLine Patriot Triple Lighter3 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $12.99 
Jetline Pocket Torch Single Lighter Black
Jetline Pocket Torch Single Lighter1 Option  $7.99 
JetLine Pocket Torch Triple Lighter
JetLine Pocket Torch Triple Lighter1 Option4.8 out of 5Ratings10 $9.99 
JetLine Roggo Double Lighter
JetLine Roggo Double Lighter2 Options3.25 out of 5Ratings4 $14.99 
Jetline Samba Lighters
Jetline Samba3 Options4.27 out of 5Ratings37 $24.99 
JetLine Touch Laser Quad Lighter
JetLine Touch Laser Quad Lighter1 Option  $69.99 
JetLine Tusk Table Lighter
JetLine Tusk Table Lighter1 Option  $29.99 
Jetline Z-Torch Dual-Flame Insert Lighters
Jetline Z-Torch Dual-Flame Insert1 Option4.31 out of 5Ratings13 $9.99 

Cutters (2)

JetLine Gargoyle Guillotine Cutter
JetLine Gargoyle Guillotine Cutter1 Option5 out of 5Rating1 $29.99 
JetLine Rodeo Guillotine Cutter
JetLine Rodeo Guillotine Cutter2 Options  $29.99 

Butane (1)

JetLine Butane Fuel Can
JetLine Butane Fuel Can2 Options4.28 out of 5Ratings18 As low as $7.99