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Lane Classics

Sometimes all you want is a simple pipe tobacco that's smooth, cool, with a comforting flavor and a pleasant, mellow aroma. That's exactly what you get with these fantastic blends. You'll get the same enjoyable experience every time you pack a bowl and light up, and it doesn't hurt that they're incredibly affordable as well.

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Half and Half Pipe Tobacco
Half and Half2 Options4.42 out of 5Ratings310 As low as $4.22 
Granger 7 Ounce Can
Granger 7 Ounce Can 4.65 out of 5Ratings54 $20.06In Stock
Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco
Paladin Black Cherry2 Options4.57 out of 5Ratings190 As low as $4.29 
Velvet Pipe Tobacco
Velvet2 Options4.42 out of 5Ratings142 As low as $5.05