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Peterson Killarney Red Pipes
Peterson Killarney Red Pipes38 Options4.89 out of 5Ratings27 $71.99 
W.O. Larsen Christmas Kit Pipe Samplers
W.O. Larsen Christmas Kit Pipe Tobacco Sampler5 out of 5Rating1$200.00$79.99In Stock
Peterson Donegal Rocky Pipes
Peterson Donegal Rocky Pipes41 Options4.9 out of 5Ratings29 $71.99 
2018 Christmas Staff Pick Sampler  Pipe Tobacco Sampler
2018 Christmas Staff Pick Sampler Pipe Tobacco Sampler5 out of 5Rating1$129.25$87.23In Stock
Peterson Aran Series Pipes
Peterson Aran Series Pipes6 Options4.67 out of 5Ratings12 $74.99 
Peterson Ebony System Pipes
Peterson Ebony System Pipes9 Options5 out of 5Ratings6 $87.74 
Savinelli Pietro Pipes
Savinelli Pietro4 Options4.83 out of 5Ratings18 $79.99 
Baraccini Copper Smooth Pipes
Baraccini Copper Smooth6 Options4 out of 5Ratings2 $69.99 
Stanwell Royal Danish Pipes
Stanwell Royal Danish Pipes3 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings8 $73.75 
Brigham Mountaineer Pipes
Brigham Mountaineer Pipes11 Options5 out of 5Ratings5 $54.99 
Peterson Standard System Rustic Pipes
Peterson Standard System Rustic Pipes18 Options4.85 out of 5Ratings13 $89.99 
Peterson Kinsale Smooth Pipes
Peterson Kinsale Smooth Pipes14 Options4.88 out of 5Ratings8 $98.99 
Peterson Kinsale Rustic Pipes
Peterson Kinsale Rustic Pipes24 Options4.8 out of 5Ratings5 $89.99 
Bjarne Viking Tribord Pipes
Bjarne Viking Tribord6 Options4.75 out of 5Ratings4 $79.99 
Dr Grabow Big Pipes
Dr Grabow Big Pipes2 Options4.69 out of 5Ratings13 $50.99 
Vermont Freehand Pipes
Vermont Freehand Pipes31 Options4.94 out of 5Ratings16 As low as $83.40 
Peterson Carlingford Green Pipes
Peterson Carlingford Green Pipes4 Options4.6 out of 5Ratings5 $94.12 
Peterson Shannon Pipes
Peterson Shannon Pipes12 Options4.6 out of 5Ratings5 $71.99 
Vintage Briar Pipes - German Collection
Vintage Briar Pipes - German Collection6 Options2.67 out of 5Ratings3 As low as $49.99 
Brigham Algonquin Pipes
Brigham Algonquin Pipes12 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $59.99