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Pipes Over $200

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4th Generation Burnt Sienna Pipes
4th Generation Burnt Sienna Pipes2 Options  $223.20 
Peterson Dublin Edition Pipe Sampler
Peterson Dublin Edition Pipe Sampler   $299.99In Stock
Stanwell Pipe of the Year 2020
Stanwell Pipe of the Year 20203 Options  As low as $119.99 
Comoy's Blue Riband Pipes
Comoy's Blue Riband Pipes5 Options5 out of 5Rating1 As low as $137.70 
Peterson Spigot Pipes
Peterson Spigot Pipes12 Options  As low as $161.09 
Mastro de Paja Unica Pipes
Mastro de Paja Unica Pipes2 Options  $250.00 
Antique Billiard Straight  Billiard-Straight
Antique Billiard Straight Billiard-Straight  $200.00In Stock
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Pipes
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Pipes1 Option5 out of 5Rating1 $213.29 
4th Generation Natural Smooth Pipes
4th Generation Natural Smooth Pipes6 Options3 out of 5Ratings2 $223.20 
Peterson Pipe of the Year
Peterson Pipe of the Year3 Options5 out of 5Rating1 As low as $180.00 
Stanwell Borup Flawless Pipes
Stanwell Borup Flawless Pipes6 Options  $211.49 
Amadeus Smooth Baroque Pipes
Amadeus Smooth Baroque Pipes3 Options  As low as $200.00 
Hunter '12 Ram - R  Horn-Bent (12R)
Hunter '12 Ram - R Horn-Bent (12R) $240.00$229.99Only 5 Left
Tsuge Pipes
Tsuge Pipes2 Options5 out of 5Rating1 As low as $185.40 
Rattray's Kyloe Pipes
Rattray's Kyloe Pipes3 Options  As low as $187.50 
Icarus Smooth Pipes
Icarus Smooth Pipes3 Options  $200.00 
Nording Group 16 Pipes
Nording Group 16 Pipes3 Options  As low as $374.00 
Savinelli Spigot Sterling Pipes
Savinelli Spigot Sterling Pipes2 Options  As low as $280.80 
Peterson Royal Irish Pipes
Peterson Royal Irish Pipes3 Options  $328.50 
Viprati Sandblast Pipes
Viprati Sandblast Pipes5 Options  As low as $215.99 

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