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Stinky Ashtray

Stinky Ashtray

It;s kind of hard to believe that Stinky ashtrays have been around since 2004, and P&C was an early customer. These ashtrays are well-known for their large capacity bowls and sturdy metal construction. The line has greatly expanded, and there's something for every deck, man-cave, rec room, or even the car. See for yourself why Stinky ashtrays are the best-selling ashtrays on P&C.

Ashtrays (6)

Stinky Ashtray
Stinky Ashtray1 Option5 out of 5Rating1 $30.99 
Stinky Ashtray HERF Edition
Stinky Ashtray HERF Edition1 Option  $91.99 
Stinky Car Ashtray
Stinky Car Ashtray1 Option4.83 out of 5Ratings6 $19.99 
Stinky Floor Ashtray
Stinky Floor Ashtray3 Options  $87.99 
Stinky Stackable Ashtray
Stinky Stackable Ashtray3 Options4 out of 5Ratings5 $15.99 
Stinky Tall Ashtray
Stinky Tall Ashtray2 Options5 out of 5Rating1 As low as $31.99