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Vector has been a popular brand of lighters at P&C for quite a while.. Their innovative features, stylish finishes and affordability hits the sweetspot with our customers. Choose from a nice variety of form and function.

Lighters (12)

Vector Colt Lighters
Vector Colt1 Option3.67 out of 5Ratings3 $27.99 
Vector Delta Lighter
Vector Delta Lighter1 Option  $27.99 
Vector Diablo Lighter
Vector Diablo Lighter2 Options  $27.99 
Vector Duke Lighter
Vector Duke Lighter1 Option5 out of 5Rating1 $35.99 
Vector Dupla Lighters
Vector Dupla2 Options3 out of 5Rating1 $35.99 
Vector Elio Pipe Lighter
Vector Elio Pipe Lighter1 Option3.6 out of 5Ratings5 $14.99 
Vector Elite Lighter
Vector Elite Lighter1 Option4 out of 5Rating1 $27.99 
Vector Jetz Lighter
Vector Jetz Lighter2 Options  $19.99 
Vector Legend Lighter
Vector Legend Lighter1 Option  $23.99 
Vector Maximus Lighter
Vector Maximus Lighter1 Option5 out of 5Ratings2 $27.99 
Vector Optimus Pipe Lighter - Chrome Satin
Vector Optimus3 Options4.5 out of 5Ratings2 $15.99 
Vector Quattro Lighter
Vector Quattro Lighter1 Option  $39.99