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Xikar took the cigar world by storm with their "butterfly" design cutters, and then introduced a series of solid, dependable lighters. Now they're one of the biggest names in accessories. Many of their products are covered by the Xikar for Life limited lifetime warranty. For reliable accessories without ridiculous prices, you can't do better than Xikar.

Butane (1)

Xikar Butane
Xikar Butane3 Options4.9 out of 5Ratings39 As low as $4.29 

Lighters (26)

Xikar Allume Dual Flame Lighters
Xikar Allume Dual Flame1 Option  $71.99 
Xikar Allume Single Flame Lighters
Xikar Allume Single Flame1 Option  $67.99 
Xikar Allume Triple Flame Lighters
Xikar Allume Triple Flame3 Options  $93.50 
Xikar Axia Lighter
Xikar Axia Lighter2 Options  $59.99 
Xikar Cirro High Altitude Lighter
Xikar Cirro High Altitude Lighter2 Options  $42.50 
Xikar Ellipse III Lighter
Xikar Ellipse III Lighter1 Option  $69.99 
Xikar Executive II Lighter
Xikar Executive II Lighter1 Option5 out of 5Rating1 $33.99 
Xikar Exodus Lighter
Xikar Exodus Lighter1 Option  $67.99 
Xikar Flash Lighter
Xikar Flash Lighter1 Option  $33.99 
Xikar FlintFire Lighters
Xikar FlintFire1 Option  $80.99 
Xikar Forte Single Torch Lighter
Xikar Forte Single Torch Lighter1 Option  $63.99 
Xikar Forte Soft Flame Lighter
Xikar Forte Soft Flame Lighter2 Options4 out of 5Rating1 $76.50 
Xikar Pipeline Lighter
Xikar Pipeline Lighter1 Option4.7 out of 5Ratings30 $59.50 
Xikar Resource II Lighter
Xikar Resource II Lighter2 Options4.29 out of 5Ratings7 $63.75 
Xikar Scribe Pipe Lighter
Xikar Scribe Pipe Lighter2 Options4.24 out of 5Ratings21 $46.99 
Xikar Stratosphere II Lighter
Xikar Stratosphere II Lighter4 Options  As low as $25.50 
Xikar Tech Lighter
Xikar Tech Lighter2 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $50.99 
Xikar Trezo Lighter
Xikar Trezo Lighter2 Options  As low as $84.99 
Xikar Turrim Lighter
Xikar Turrim Lighter4 Options  $59.50 
Xikar Ultra Lighter/Cutter Combo
Xikar Ultra Lighter/Cutter Combo1 Option  $127.50 
Xikar Ultra Mag Lighter
Xikar Ultra Mag Lighter1 Option  $49.50 
Xikar Volta Quad Flame Table-Top Lighter
Xikar Volta Quad Flame Table-Top Lighter4 Options  As low as $140.24 
Xikar Xidris Lighter
Xikar Xidris Lighter5 Options  As low as $63.99 

Cutters (17)

X4 Cutter by Xikar
X4 Cutter by Xikar1 Option  $39.99 
Xikar 009 Punch Cutter
Xikar 009 Punch Cutter3 Options5 out of 5Ratings5 $55.25 
Xikar 11mm Punch Cutter
Xikar 11mm Punch Cutter2 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $46.99 
Xikar EPZ Cohiba Cutter
Xikar EPZ Cohiba Cutter1 Option  $79.99 
Xikar M8 70-Ring Cutter
Xikar M8 70-Ring Cutter3 Options  As low as $55.25 
Xikar MTX Cutter
Xikar MTX Cutter1 Option  $55.25 
Xikar Spark Plug Punch Cutter Red and Black
Xikar Spark Plug Punch Cutter2 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $46.99 
Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter
Xikar Ultra Slim Cutter1 Option  $63.75 
Xikar VX Key-Ring V-Cutter
Xikar VX Key-Ring V-Cutter1 Option  $38.99 
Xikar VX V-Cutter
Xikar VX V-Cutter2 Options3 out of 5Rating1 $50.99 
Xikar VX2 V-Cutter - Black
Xikar VX2 V-Cutter3 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $46.75 
Xikar X8 Cutter
Xikar X8 Cutter2 Options4 out of 5Rating1 $38.25 
Xikar X875 75-Ring Cutter
Xikar X875 75-Ring Cutter1 Option  $38.25 
Xikar Xi1 Cutter
Xikar Xi1 Cutter3 Options  $72.25 
Xikar Xi2 - BLUE
Xikar Xi2 Cutter5 Options4.6 out of 5Ratings5 As low as $46.74 
Xikar Xi3 Cutter
Xikar Xi3 Cutter3 Options  As low as $144.50 
Xikar Xi3 Cutters - Wood Collection
Xikar Xi3 Cutters - Wood Collection4 Options  As low as $101.99 

Ashtrays (3)

Xikar Ash Can Ashtrays
Xikar Ash Can1 Option  $23.99 
Xikar Burnout Ashtray  Chrome
Xikar Burnout Ashtray1 Option  $101.99 
Xikar Livin' The Dream Ashtray
Xikar Livin' The Dream Ashtray1 Option  $29.99 

Travel Cases (3)

Xikar Envoy 3-Finger Cigar Case Travel Cases
Xikar Envoy 3-Finger Cigar Case1 Option5 out of 5Rating1 $63.75 
Xikar Envoy Single Cigar Case Travel Cases
Xikar Envoy Single Cigar Case2 Options5 out of 5Rating1 $38.25 

Humidification (1)

Xikar PG Humidor Solution Humidification
Xikar PG Humidor Solution1 Option5 out of 5Ratings4 $7.75 

Hygrometers (1)

Puro Temp Wireless Hygrometer
Puro Temp Wireless Hygrometer2 Options  As low as $38.25