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4th Generation 2012 Anniversary Blend Pipe Tobacco
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4th Generation 2012 Anniversary Blend

2020 represents the eighth year for Erik Stokkebye's 4th Generation pipes, tobaccos, and accessories. Erik has a keen sense of history, especially considering that he"s the fourth generation of Stokkebyes in the tobacco industry. To celebrate this juncture, Erik has brought out 4th Generation 2012 Anniversary Blend. 

Erik's family is Danish, and he selected the right kind of blend to mark this anniversary. Over the years, I've spent a good amount of time with Danish pipe makers, and a lot of them really enjoy Virginia flakes. This is a 100% Virginia flake, slow-pressed to mature the tobacco and develop the flavors. This is a wonderful experience for Virginia lovers with a mellow, sweet taste, and a slightly fruity aroma. Give it a try and you'll want to celebrate too.

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4 out of 5
Fruit and spice
When I got this in the mail, I opened the tin and stuffed one of my cob pipes (Missourri Meerschaum) and stepped outside to smoke it. I never put stock in the aroma/scent/odor coming from a tin or bag of tobacco, only in the smoke of it. This is a very mellow tobacco. No bite whatsoever, even when I tried to puff like a locomotive going uphill in the era of the War of Aggression against the Southern States. Everything about this tobacco's flavors was subtle, but there was one thing actually missing from it - the sweet hay flavor one usually gets and expects from a straight Virginia. There is a fine fruit-like flavor as the smoke hits the tongue, and then there's a constant, but very slight 'spiciness' to it also, which leads me to believe that along with the slightly dark color is more Red Virginia than the light/yellow Virginias of, say Orlik Golden Sliced. This tobacco is still a very, very nice smoke, even for a beginner to pipes, simply because nothing in it will overwhelm or bite enough to 'scare' one away. I even tried a few puffs in my room (a *very* rare thing I do, only for testing a room aroma), and it seemed mild enough to not offend too many people of the non-smoking type, IMHO. If one prefers the fruit and slight spice flavors, this would mix wonderfully with a strong English blend if you were wanting to tame it a little or add a little something extra to the taste of said blend. I was looking though for something I can substitute with Orlick Golden Sliced if it happens that the Orlik gets hard to find for whatever reason. This is the third straight Virginia type I've tried, and though as I said, it's a wonderful smoke, it's still not what I'm looking for...just don't take that to mean it's a 'bad' Virginia. If mellow fruit and spice flavors are up your alley, this is the straight Virginia you *want*. It's very good!
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