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Angler's Dream

In 2011, Russ wanted to make an over-the-counter type blend with much higher quality for around the same price as most OTCs. He used premium Burleys, along with red Virginia, and unflavored black Cavendish. Instead of the typical vanilla, fruit, or liquor flavors, he opted to use a light touch of honey, chocolate, and cinnamon. It quickly gained a lot of fans, but pending costs increases would have made it a bit more expensive so it was discontinued. We had so many people asking us to bring it back, we decided to do it in the most affordable way possible, so now Angler's Dream returns in bulk form. The blend is exactly the same, but we can keep the costs down by eliminating the tub. Welcome back an old friend - Angler's Dream.

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Overall Rating 3.75 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Angler's Dream”

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3 out of 5
Not my cup of tea
I pick up some notes of honey but I seem to just get alot of the cinnamon. Burns to retrohale so I feel like I'm missing part of it..
3 out of 5
It’s okay
It’s okay
4 out of 5
Tasty stuff!
Man this blend is tasty, honey, cinnamon, nutty burley, mild and smooth. This blend smokes effortlessly and does not bite me in the least. Fantastic job on this one Russ! This is my favorite morning smoke, as it goes good with my coffee, I will definitely be ordering some more.
3 out of 5
I was looking forward to getting it when it arrived it was very dry and a strong taste did not like at all but I am very pleased with all the other tobbacco I have ordered in the pass and will keep buying
5 out of 5
Another 5
Russ can't do no wrong.. unless he's messing with Latakia then idk.
4 out of 5
A good kick-back smoke
Great to pair with a good bourbon or coffee
5 out of 5
Had to have 2 bowls back to back
I tried this blend for the first time last night (9/12/17). Amazing! Little to no bite. You can smell the honey coming through in the tin note. Room note was pleasant. Solid flavor profile the whole bowl through. Packed very well. Burned even better. To illustrate just how much I enjoyed this blend, I ended up having two bowls back to back...I never smoke two back to back. But I just couldn't get enough of this one to leave it at one bowl. I will Definitely be buying more of this.
4 out of 5
Updated review
After spending some additional time with this blend I would like to retract my first review. I feel like this blend deserves an honest 4 stars. I misjudged this tobacco expecting a full blown aromatic. The burley/VA are the star of the show here with the top notes being subtle and complementary adding a light sweetness to the smoke. It burns incredibly well all the way down. I went from hating this blend to reaching for it at least 3 times a week. Definitely recommend.
4 out of 5
Just Enough
This is a very nice, mellow blend with just enough flavoring to make it interesting and not overpowering. For me, it was mild, stayed well lit and could easily function as an all day smoke. I like some of the other Fishermen's series blends better, but this deserves a try.
3 out of 5
Poor packaging ok flavor
Product arrived opened to air due ziplock bag not sealed. Taste was ok for dried out product
3 out of 5
So so
It's ok, but not great. The other blends in the (Scotty's) line are better.
5 out of 5
It is exactly what it aspires to be
It is exactly what it aspires to be. I was expecting an OCT blend that was a pleasant, easy to smoke all day tobacco. I am not comparing it to my favorite McClelland tobacco. I am evaluating it only on what it aspires to be. Great burley taste. A light topping with no highly distinguishable flavoring. The easiest tobacco to smoke. I will buy again!
4 out of 5
Very Good
Very good tobacco blend. Certainly can be an all day smoke and compared to other OTC this was developed as to pay tribute to, very well done. For me it smokes best in a cob. It is more than a simple blend like other OTC, AD has layers of flavors and the combination works very well together. Don't let the cinnamon scare you, it is there but in a good way to add a little spice.
5 out of 5
Pleasant Surprise
This tobacco lived up to it's billing. Smooth, cool,, no bite and the honey and cinnamon definitely come through. A very pleasant smoke.
3 out of 5
I found it a little
I found it a little dry and certainly none of the characteristics of Trout Stream.
2 out of 5
No flavor, Sharp tongue bite.
This blend is in fact made with high quality leaf. The fine tobaccos do have an excellent flavor in and of themselves, however, this blend has absolutely no flavor apart from the tobacco, and it has an incredibly sharp tongue bite which I believe comes from the cinnamon flavoring. I've smoked about 10 bowl of it hoping that it will improve, but it just hasn't. I've even blended it with another aro but that sharp bite just won't go away. I really wanted to love this but I just can't. Everything else I've ordered has been great and I have no complaints about P&C, just not a fan of this blend.