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Authentic Cigar Mold Cigar Accesories
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Authentic Cigar Mold

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What we have here are actual molds that were used by one of the major cigar factories. For those who are unfamiliar, handmade cigars are constructed by bunching together the filler leaves and wrapping them with the binder. These bunches are then put into the slots in the mold, then the mold is put together and placed in a press. The bunches are later rotated, and after a second press, they're ready to hand off to a roller to apply the wrapper.

These molds are assorted so you can't select a specific shape, and because these have been used, there will be some signs of wear, but they're still usable for the home hobbyist cigar roller or they'll make a great tchotchke to display in your smoking area. Either way, these are a great piece of memorabilia that you'll enjoy. 

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5 out of 5
Outstanding History
This is not what I expected - it was far better. Watching pictures of cigar making, now I understand what goes on in the production. This sort of a show pieced. Thank you.
5 out of 5
Cigar mold
What a great item. When I received it I was very impressed. Have two other molds I got from antique shops and paid way more for them. Am very happy when this came to me. Way to go!
5 out of 5
Historical Beauty to be Owned
Cigar molds are one of those items which do not often become available to the general public. When they do become available, my advice is to get them and hang on to them. They are guaranteed to increase in value, monetarily and historically. Wooden items are always phased out as more modern materials are found to do the job.
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