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Bally Oak Humidor
  • Bally Oak Humidor
  • Bally Oak Humidor
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Bally Oak Humidor

This item is no longer available for purchase.
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Let me see if I've got this straight...this is an oak-finished humidor with a kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior...the bottom is coated in felt so it won't scratch your table or comes with three Spanish cedar dividers and tray...has a hygrometer and humidifier with a brass lock and key and French hinges...and it's less than 70 bucks?!?
Yep, it's no joke. The Bally Oak Humidor delivers all of the features above at a bargain-basement price. This handsome-looking humidor will accommodate between 75 to 100 of your favorite sticks, and will do it in style. You don't have to tell anybody what you spent, just let them know that you got it from your friends at P&C.

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