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Baraccini Churchwardens Pipes
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Baraccini Churchwardens

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​The newest line available from Baraccini is the Churchwarden pipe. Available in a nice variety of shapes and sizes, the Baraccini Churchwarden in one of the most affordable churchwarden pipes on the market. Light, comfortable and cool smoking, choose a Churchwarden today. 

Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Baraccini Churchwardens”

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5 out of 5
Nice Pipe With Generously Long Stem
Good Pipe, I use it a lot. I had to do some work on it, mainly reaming out the opening in the wood part to cut off a step in it. I also took some sandpaper to the lower part of the stem where it goes into the bowl part. Anyway, I think it was necessary because it was hard to seperate the two parts and I was twisting the Acrylic part and figured that after so many of those twists it would eventually break. You need to be very careful doing these modifications but I am an experienced craftsman so it all came out well. I used 220 grit sandpaper to create an evenly rough surface and then polished it down to like original smoothness with 1500 super fine sandpaper.
5 out of 5
So for,a great pipe
I'm thinking about ordering another one while they are on sale.
Customer Testimonials
I absolutely love this pipe. The look is stunning, and it smokes cool. I believe that churchwardens are ideal for smoking English.
JC of Hilliard, OH
I have been smoking my Baraccini Dublin Churchwarden for almost 3 months now, and I have enough experience with it to pass on a few observations. It is not flawless, as the top of the bowl is a bit uneven and the stem could be a bit thicker. The finish is a tad rough to my eye, but it does make the pipe easier to grasp. But it smokes well, as the bowl stays cool, so flavors come out without being overwhelming, especially with the stronger blends I like to put in it. I find it a great value---a sweet smoker at a good price. It has become one of my preferred smokers, and I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about owning a churchwarden.
JM of Los Angeles, CA
Looks like the review I just wrote got lost/didn't' post. The quick version is: FLAWS: 1) stem doesn't fit all the way in; 1/4" of tenon sticks out. 2)inside of bowl is not smooth; circular ridges/rings/grooves. I'm concerned this will create a difference in heating rate and crack after enough time. 3)bowl itself seems a little cheap, plasticy. Am pleased it's light however. 4) Bowl doesn't have the semi-gloss finish as depicted. Distinctly more matte appearance. 5) The convolutions and texture featured in the picture are greater and more pronounced than in the piece I received. 6) Combination of duller finish and lesser "peaks and valleys" make the over all appearance less rich and textured. PROS: 1) It was inexpensive. 2) It's flaws don't seem to affect it's functionality, hence 3) it's a decent smoke as much as a novice like me can tell. 4) I totally get my "feel like Gandalf" fix (which was the most important aspect ;) OVERALL: Not a bad pipe. Smokes fine, just isn't much of a looker. I'm just satisfied enough to not feel dissapointed . Still, I will likely buy a better piece in the future.
JP of Chicago, IL
Nice pipe, well made, much more than I would expect for the price- I may need to get another one just to be sure.
CD of Bristol, CT
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