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Blending - Bright Virginia Widecut Pipe Tobacco
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Blending - Bright Virginia Widecut

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A chunky cut mixture of yellow and orange tobaccos with a doughy flavor and moderate sweetness. I use this in any blend in which I want sweetness but a slow, cool burn. Low in nicotine, slower burn, relatively cool. 

Overall Rating3.33 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Blending - Bright Virginia Widecut”

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4 out of 5
Excellent blending tobacco
This is exactly what some of my blends called for, a good, gentle, mild, and slow burning virginia that softens a strong vanilla, slows down the burn, helps keep the bowl from getting too hot, and enhances the unflavored burley that I also use in my blends. For me this is a great value for a blending tobacco and just what I was looking for in a blending Virginia.
5 out of 5
A fine blending tobacco addative.
Well Bob, It is NOT meant to be a stand alone. That's why they call it a BLENDING tobacco. It is great when blended. I use PS 201 (3 parts) and PS 28 B & B (1 part) and BVW 1.5 parts. Makes a fine smoke. The wide cut helps to keep the bite and heat to a minimum and the burn longer then ribbon cut. Hope it comes back in stock soon!
1 out of 5
An interesting concept, but lacking
I don't blend my own tobacco, so I'm probably missing something here. If one was looking for a "filler" that wouldn't add any of its own flavor, but which might stretch more expensive tobaccos, or tone down a strong flavor, then this might be a good bet. As a stand alone tobacco however, it burns hot, doesn't pack well, and, frankly, has no flavor. So if you're doing your own blending you might want to experiment with it, but as a mild stand-alone tobacco it's rather dull....
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