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Brebbia Aero Pipes

With an almost granite-like appearance, the Brebbia Aero pipe will hold up to heavy smoking. The pebbled finish in black/grey and the grey translucent stem is unique to Brebbia and will certainly be one of the more asked about pipes in your collection. This cool-toned, modern looking Aero pipe by Brebbia is well-crafted and of high-quality. Pair one of these sophisticated pipes with Brebbia’s tobacco line including Adagio, Balkan, Latakia Flake, and Sinfonia, and enjoy a relaxing pipe experience at any time of the day.

Brebbia Aero Brandy  Brandy-Bent
  • Brebbia Aero Brandy  Brandy-Bent
  • Brebbia Aero Brandy  Brandy-Bent
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Brebbia Aero Brandy

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