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Bugatti and Belstaff Butane - Cans and Pods

Bugatti and Belstaff butane deliver the perfect intersection of quality and value. Their fuel is refined to have the fewest impurities to keep your jets from getting fouled and to perform ideally every time. The 300ml Belstaff is a great buy, especially if you go through a lot of butane. The 100ml Bugatti delivers quality in a more compact size for use where space is tight. The 18ml pods can be used to fill any standard butane lighter, and their small size makes them easy to put in a bag or case, but they're specifically designed for use with the Bugatti Vulcan Dual-Flame Torch Lighter. Just insert a pod and you should be good for a full month of normal use.

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18ml Each
Bugatti Butane 100ML
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Belstaff Butane 300ML
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Bugatti Butane Pods  18ML 12pk
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Bugatti Butane Pods - 12 Pack
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