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Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch Lighter

Forget everything you know about torch-flame butane lighters, because the Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch Lighter is a game-changer.

  1. With regular butane lighters you have to purge the tank, and freeze your hands because the butane spits all over. With Bugatti's replaceable pods there's no purging and no overspray. Unscrew the bottom, remove the old pod, put in a new one, screw on the bottom and you're good for about a month of normal use.
  2. With Bugatti's CoolPower technology, you'll get a cleaner burn with little waste so your butane will go farther.
  3. If a jet gets clogged, you won't have to fiddle around trying to clean them out. Just remove the burner jets and replace them, The lighter includes a spare set, so you won't be out of commission for long.
  4. The jet assembly can be tilted, so you won't have to contort your hand and wrist to a comfortable position to toast and light your cigar.

The pods (available separately) use a standard butane nozzle so you can use them on most other butane lighters, so you don't have to keep a bunch of different types on hand.

It's time to look at torch lighters differently when you own a Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch Lighter.

Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch - Yellow
  • Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch - Yellow
  • Bugatti Vulcan Dual Torch - Yellow
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