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Burley at its Best Pipe Kit Cigar Samplers
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Burley at its Best Pipe Kit

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For a soothing, unobtrusive smoke, it's hard to beat a Burley blend. If you're a fan of that noble leaf, then our Burley at its Best Pipe Kit is for you.
You'll receive one pouch of each of the following: Sir Walter Raleigh Regular, Skandinavik Regular and Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Pride., along with a nice, solid red stained bent pot briar, a Czech tool and a package of Capri pipe cleaners. It's everything you need at the rock-bottom price of only $34.99.

The Burley at its Best Pipe Kit includes:
(1) pouch Sir Walter Raleigh Regular
(1) pouch Velvet
(1) pouch Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Pride
(1) Red bent pot briar pipe
(1) 3-in-1 Czech tool
(1) package Capri pipe cleaners.

Overall Rating4.55 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Burley at its Best Pipe Kit”

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5 out of 5
Great sampler, great pipe.
My expectations were exceeded. The best part was the quality pipe and the tobacco was pretty good. I like pouch varieties and this gave me the chance to sample a couple that I've not tried. The velvet was better than what I expected, the Sir Walter I was familiar with, the MM Pride was okay but strangely gave me trouble in my cob. It was fine cut like sir walter original and tended to block up in my cob stem. (albeit I do remove the filter) all in all, I'd buy again and certainly recommend to a friend.
5 out of 5
Quick delivery. Good smoke
5 out of 5
Great starter kit
Great kit for a new pipe smoker. I am new to pipe smoking and the kit has everything needed to light up and puff away. The 3 different tobaccos vary enough to test your tastes. I am very satisfied. I have smoked a bowl of each tobacco tonight hehehe. i have done a lot of research on pipe smoking and I have come to figure out that the smoking experience will get better with each bowl. I look forward to my new hobby and trying new tobaccos in the near future!
5 out of 5
Good deal
Nice pipe haven't smoked the tobbacco yet.
4 out of 5
Good starter kit
Nice little kit, was my first dip into the wonderful world of pipes. Burley is a good transition tobacco from cigarettes, however it smells very strong and the fiancé hated it, so I smoke these outside and still manage to enjoy them
5 out of 5
The pipe makes it worth it
The tobaccos are ok but the pipe is a great smoker! The tool and pipe cleaners are useful too
4 out of 5
This is an good Sampler. I like the pipe, tool, cleaners, and tobacco.
5 out of 5
Great little kit.
The pipe that comes with this kit is decent for the price. It is a bent pot briar (very lightweight, not necessarily a bad thing) and has a beautiful red stain. This thing shines! At first I wasn't too fond of the pipe, but after using it for a few weeks now the thing has really started to become a great smoker! I have noticed that my aromatics seem to taste particularly great out of this pipe and I have now dedicated it solely to aromatic blends. Give this pipe a chance, it'll grow on you! The tobaccos are in pouch form so as expected a couple were on the drier side. I threw them in my humidifier jar and they were perfect in about a day. Out of the three burley blends my favorite is the Velvet, it's smooth, nutty and is a charming smoke. It just wants you to like it! The SWR is a classic and is always a fine smoke. The MM was my least favorite blend out of this bunch, however it makes a great mixer for some of my other tobaccos. The Czech Tool is exactly what it is and works perfect as always. It' a great little tool to have on hand. The pipe cleans are very coarse but are extremely useful for cleaning a heavily gunked up pipe. For daily use I like to use the softer cleaners but this is just personal preference. The cleaners work great and they work exceedingly well for cleaning up a second hand pipe, restoration, or a heavily used pipe. Overall this Best of Burley kit was a great purchase for the price. I even bought a second one for my buddy to introduce him to the wonderful pastime of pipe smoking!
3 out of 5
Pipe needed reaming
Great, inexpensive pipe once the channel into the bowl was reamed to 3/16". Prior to reaming, the pipe smoked poorly. Tobaccos are fine.
4 out of 5
Starter kit
great for a beginner like myself
5 out of 5
pipe starter kit
bought it for a secret santa and was a hit. Thanks
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