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Butz-Choquin Closeout

Butz-Choquin is one of the oldest manufacturers of briar pipes, with their beginnings dating back to 1858. They eventually moved their operations to Saint-Claude, France, which is generally regarded as the birthplace of the briar pipe. Although BC has made many classically-shaped pipes over the years, today they have introduced a number of lines that use more modern shapes, a wide variety of materials, and very attractive trim and finishes. The combination of traditional workmanship with an eye toward contemporary styling makes BC briars the ideal combination of the old and the new.

In recent years, we haven't been able to get as many Butz-Choquin pipes as we'd like, but recently we were approached with the opportunity to buy a large quantity of BC pipes at incredible closeout pricing.  As most of you know, buying closeouts is one of the hallmarks of P&C, and when we get these great deals, we always pass the savings along to our customers. Of course, one of the things about closeouts is that some of the products won't be available again when we sell out, so take a look at these amazing values, but you'll want to make a move sooner than later to make sure that you get what you want.

Butz-Choquin Compagnon
  • Butz-Choquin Compagnon
  • Butz-Choquin Compagnon
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Butz-Choquin Compagnon
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5 out of 5
I really like this well made pipe. The Apple shaped bowl and textured surface feel very comfortable and contouring when in the hand. Workmanship is very nice. It is light and the bit feels good in the mouth. Besides looking good and feeling good in the hand, I am of the opinion that textured pipes smoke a little cooler. The texture exposes more of the wood surface to the air and in acts a little like the cooling fans on a motorcycle engine. My first two bowls smoked a little hot and tasted a little biitter. Now that there is a nice thin layer of carbon inside, it’s smokes sweet and cool. Out of a dozen plus, it has become my favorite pipe. Five stars.
5 out of 5
Classic Pipe
The Butz-Choquin Compagnon is a nice smoking pipe with a good balance. It is nice to have a pipe to break in, and not be "pre-smoked". It is a classic style at a very nice price.
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