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CAO Triple Play Sampler Pipe Tobacco Samplers
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CAO Triple Play Sampler

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CAO tobaccos have been around for a few years and after releasing CAO Black, people are going back to sample some of the original blends. These are first class aromatics that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Eileen’s Dream is an aromatic with a mixture of Irish cream, chocolate and vanilla, Moontrance is an outstanding mixture of bourbon, fruit, honey and vanilla and Black is black cavendish with cocoa, vanilla and raspberry.  This is a sampler for the aromatic smoker who wants quality aromatics at an affordable price. 

Overall Rating4.94 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO Triple Play Sampler”

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5 out of 5
Best deal for three winners.
This sampler is a great way to taste three of CAO tasty aromatics at a great deal.
5 out of 5
Wonderful stuff!
What a value for 3 great tobaccos, I personally have fell in love with all 3! I'm very impressed with CAO and plan to keep all 3 of these in my rotation.
5 out of 5
Great Deal, Amazing Smoke
I was pleased when my order arrived as I was waiting to get my hands on the CAO blends. As a cigar smoker as well, I've come to enjoy CAO cigars and while I haven't tried any of their flavored cigarillos, I had a hankering to test out their aromatic pipe tobacco. So far I can only comment on the CAO Black, as I haven't tried the others yet. But if the delicious creamy smoke of the Black is any indication of what the other blends will be like, I've found several new blends to work into regular rotation. Tins arrive sealed appropriately, and tobacco is not to moist. Flavor is there enough to be pleasant on the pallet, but not overpowering. Have smoked a few bowls of the Black and it's definitely a new favorite. I would recommend this if you are looking to try a few new aromatic blends.
5 out of 5
Good stuff
These three are wonderful especially if you like a spicy blend that has an aroma like incense! Makes the whole house smell great!
5 out of 5
Excellent tobacco pipe
I highly reccomend this site to get excellent products about pipe.
4 out of 5
Wonderful Sampler
All three of these tobaccos are great aromatics with wonderful flavors. I would definately buy them again even not on sale. The only real negative I have is that the Moontrance is a little hard to smoke for some reason. Tried two different pipes and drying it out a little and still it was extrememly hard to light and keep lit. Once it got to being about a half a bowl smoked perfectly so don't know if it needs to dry out more or what. Like I said though I enjoyed all of them and would recommend any one of them.
5 out of 5
Cannot be beat for the price, glad I found this
Just got the first part of the package and it is great, cannot wait to get home and try them out. Looking forward to the other package soon.
5 out of 5
I'm new to this, but it seems like a good value.
Price wise it's like getting 3 tins for the price of 2. The tobacco is pretty mild and it smells good, but i really can't seem to taste the different flavors. I also bought an oz. of dark cherry and I can get a sweetness from that - real nice. Like I said, I'm new to pipe smoking so I guess it takes a while to taste the subtle flavors - like with wine. The site seems great. I'm going to keep sampling and hopefully I'll develop a pallet for tasting more of the delicious flavors.
5 out of 5
Great mix
Every tin is smooth and tastes great. Best of all, my wife enjoys the smell!
5 out of 5
Good Smoke!
These are wonderful smokes. None of them are over bearing and I totally recommend them for a first time pipe smoker such as myself.
5 out of 5
A wonderful tasty and delightful blend of great smoking pleasure!
The CAO Black was my favorite by FAR! and the other two were a close second. I will Defiantly buy again. You guys Rock God bless America HOOOOAHHHH. SGT Daniel US Army.
5 out of 5
excellent tobacco
I like them all, they are all 3 enjoyable flavors . The CAO black flavor is my favorite of the 3 .
5 out of 5
Tobac and Tray
i received a great ashtray which enhances my smoking experience and ambiance. The tobac is everything I expected and desired!!
5 out of 5
As someone who mostly smokes local blends (and there aren't a large variety of aromatics around here) I was extremely pleased with all three. I'll mirror the other comments and suggest that Black is the best of the 3, but I also quite enjoyed Moontrance as a close second. Eileen's Dream, whilst still good, is definitely the weakest of the three in my opinion. As for the room note, I spend time around a number of people who don't smoke at all and HATE the smell of cigarettes(main reason I switched to a pipe from cigarettes) and I've received several comments already about how pleasant the smell is- particularly from the Moontrance. Moontrance- The note of bourbon are subtle, with me getting stronger hints of a pleasant, rich smoke and the strongest note would be the fruit for me. I would have expected it to be sweeter, but it's still an extremely nice, mild smoke. Black- The raspberry comes across as the strongest flavor note with a mild, but pleasantly sweet smokey aroma- The vanilla adds a very pleasant hit of sweetness, and the cocoa is a robust undertone -It's noticeable, but far from overpowering. Eileen's Dream- It has the harshest overtones of tobacco, and felt less fresh than the others- although it was packed as equally well- The cream and vanilla come through the strongest on flavour, but the chocolate has the strongest room note in my opinion. It's not bad by any means, and I don't at all get the notes of chemical that another commenter mentioned. But, that being said, it's still the weakest of the sampler in my opinion. At the price point, it's great for the quality of tobacco and tins- But I'd buy it mostly for the Moontrance and Black as the main focus. Last note for the Eileen's- It gets more pleasant as it's smoked down(which is to be expected, of course) but it's still the weakest of the 3
5 out of 5
Love at first smoke...
As a noob pipe smoker, I had NO clue what I was looking for. Aromatic? Non-Aromatic? Tin? Pouch? I was walking into a new world blind and confused. Did a little research, read a few reviews, and I finally had somewhat of an idea. So of course I wanted to try something that was cheap but still get quality tobacco. Then came across this gem, and for the price there was no way I was going to pass it up. I first tried the CAO black and fell in love. Then tried the other two and enjoyed them just as much. The smell was intoxicating and taste was satisfying to say the least. This was a perfect choice and experience for a brand new pipe smoker. Don't know much about tobacco, but I do know that I will continue to purchase and try more varieties because of this brand. So if you're having second thoughts, don't. Just try it and see for yourself. Also, smoking a pipe makes you look like a total badass which is always a plus.
5 out of 5
Great aromatic sampler!!
5 out of 5
Tobacco Order
very impressed at how quick my order arrived. This is a great place to order bulk tobacco. Thank You!
Customer Testimonials
Great price. Great aromatics.
ES of Colorado Springs, CO
Great sampler except Eileen's dream, pretty much it is unsmokeable. Tastes like a chemical factory makes the room note is somewhere between a Pall Maal and burnt shoe. Not sure how they CAO can claim it is Irish Cream. On the other hand CAO Black is fantastic seems too wet but lights great, smooth, no bite at all, the taste and room note will have you coming back for 2nds or 3rds.
JP of Chicago, IL
The Black was my favorite out of all the flavors. The other two had an almost chemical taste to them and didn't burn very well. I would order the Black again but only by itself.
DM of Tinley Park, IL
How could one possibly go wrong here? P&C prices, quick shipping, and top notch customer service coupled with 3 quality offerings from respected CAO; definite a winning combination!
AS of Trinity, NC
These are my 3 favorite flavors of CAO. If you do the math this comes out to less than 5 bucks a tin. Can't beat it. Thanks P&C
BT of Taylor, MI
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