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Colibri S-Cut Cutter
  • Colibri S-Cut Cutter
  • Colibri S-Cut Cutter
  • Colibri S-Cut Cutter
  • Colibri S-Cut Cutter
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Colibri S-Cut Cutter 'EZ-CUT'

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I know some people who use a v-cut or a punch even though they don't particularly like the results. Why? Because many people have difficulty using a double guillotine cutter - taking too much or not enough off. Now there's a solution - the Colibri S-Cut Cutter 'EZ-CUT'.

The secret is a solid back panel that's spaced just the right distance from the blades so you just lightly press the cap against the panel and snap the trigger shut. You'll take off the ideal amount with a super clean cut from the razor-shape stainless steel blades. The spring-loaded trigger won't pop open in your pocket because of the the positive-feeling release button. No need to be afraid of a straight cut anymore with the Colibri S-Cut Cutter 'EZ-CUT'.

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