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Cornell & Diehl Americana New

If you're looking for a traditional American-English blend, you've found it in Cornell & Diehl Americana. In days of yore, it was very common to find this kind of blend in pouches, cans, and in the jars in tobacconists, but most of them have faded away. C&D brings you this blend of Burley, Virginia, black Cavendish, and a dash of Latakia which has a nutty flavor with just a hint of leather and smoke. If you want a taste of what grandpa used to enjoy, give Cornell & Diehl's Americana a try.

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2 Ounce Tin In Stock $9.77
Overall Rating 3 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

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3 out of 5
Americana review
Personally I don’t like it and it’s soley based on the Latakia my palate isn’t there yet. It’s much to spicy for me. I feel like if it was toned down or straight not in it it would have been perfect. I feel bad giving it a bad review it’s literally just because it wasn’t for me.