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Cornell & Diehl Cap
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Cornell & Diehl Cap's Blend

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Cornell & Diehl's Cap's Blend pays tribute to one of America's most popular pipe tobaccos. This lightly-sweet and nicely aromatic blend is a combination of golden and black Cavendishes with a smooth blend of flavors added to provide a gentle taste and a room note that everyone will love.

Overall Rating4.33 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Cap's Blend”

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5 out of 5
Hey! Try this one!
This tobacco has completely changed how I view aromatics. I have had disappointing results in the past as far as aromatics go so I primarily stuck to Va/pers and the occasional English. I decided to give aromatics another go, and holy smokes is this amazing. To me, this has a strong whiskey/chocolate flavor that combines together to create it's own unique flavor, mixed with the tobacco's. This is a keeper for sure, and I will probably be buying it in a larger bulk soon. Now I'm excited to see what other aromatics have in store for me.
5 out of 5
Give it a chance and you won't regret it.
Your first nose in the pouch will make you wonder if you bought the right tobacco. You'll forget about that moment after a couple of bowls and be back for more. This is my third order and it, along with C&D Espresso and Lane's BCA, are my rotation of aromatics.
3 out of 5
Give it a chance
The smell in the package was a bit like puke. The first bowl over came the smell but wasn't so great. I jarred it and waited a few weeks. As a new pipe smoker I have serious TAD. BUT after that time I decided to revisit and WOW it is really good. Tastes reminiscent of 1Q or CBW, but citrusy and no chemicals. So glad I didn't give up on it. A really satisfying tasty and good smelling smoke. C&D continues to live up to its expectations.
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