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Cornell & Diehl Crooner Pipe Tobacco
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Cornell & Diehl Crooner

Cornell & Diehl Crooner is an American classic blend of slow-burning, nutty cube cut Burley and the sweet and fragrant notes added by the herb, deertongue. It is lovingly recreated by C&D from a recipe from the late Bob Runowski, who used to blend it with, and for, Bing Crosby. Enjoy the relaxing qualities of cube-cut Burley and the singular flavor of deertongue with C&D's Crooner.


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Overall Rating4.21 out of 5 Based on 39 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Crooner”

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3 out of 5
Not bad a bit dry
Not bad a bit dry
5 out of 5
a savory blend that i would give a coveted title of complete blend
This blend is an aromatic, make no mistake. That being said, the flavors of cardamom and the deer tongue make the tobacco more pronounced, it accents the natural flavor and gets rounded by the burley; It smokes like a burley blend, you do not get a sense that there is much casing outside of what the ingredients provide. To me, often blends are good, but wonder , and often follow through, adding, either latakia, perique or burley to create a more solid/ well rounded / complete blend. This is an outside in that concept. It is as warm as a big band vinyl and as robust. it is warm in taste like dinner on a holiday, the deer tongue/ cardamom like a non invasive cinnamon (best i can liken it to) the burley rounds it out to a blend that is as iconic as who it supposedly was made for....this is a rare blend where a famous name is added to it, with no real way to authenticate, but on some level you don't care because it is that good.
4 out of 5
Long Island Piper
My go too blend and and a hit for any old time Burley lover. The deer tongue turns this already smooth and old style pipe tobacco into a winner. Will always be my all-time favorite!
4 out of 5
Smooth and cool just like Bing Crosby
Fine cut, packs easily, burns well,very cool smooth smoke. The deer tongue is interesting, not sure how to describe but fresh and floral come to mind. I only bought an ounce and throughly enjoyed it. Will buy more!
5 out of 5
Crooner is a flavorful mellow
Crooner is a flavorful mellow smoke
3 out of 5
This has good flavor and
This has good flavor and room note, but I have to take my time it tends to bite me if I smoke it to fast. For me it is cut a little to fine. This is the first I have had with deer tongue. Of course, my opinion will probably change after I spend some more time with it.
4 out of 5
This surprised me, I was
This surprised me, I was scared of the deer tongue but actually like it, the tin is a little different (that’s what had me spooked) nice room, decent taste and aftertaste, burns great no relights (for me that’s amazing🤣) has become one of my favorites
5 out of 5
What a fantastic suprize
I ordered 2 ounces of Crooner to sample along with a pound of other goods. when I opened the box, the aroma was distinct and quite different from the norm that I usually experience. I like my tobacco to taste like tobacco. I'm not into aromatics, to me they are like what must be like lighting up a pair of vanilla/ apricot underwear. My old burnt up pallet cannot describe nor differentiate one blending ingredient from another Nor are my writing skills able to draw you a purdy mental picture of hevenly bliss with a pipe and some matches. That said, this stuff is remarkable. Good ole tobacco flavor with a hint of some sort of spice in the background that keeps you wondering " what is that wonderful stuff ". As for me, I don't detect any vanilla, rather a hint of a peppery note that's is not at all overpowering but instead delectable. I will be ordering more of this stuff and soon. Not by the ounce but by the pound. If you pipe tobacco that taste like tobacco you cant go wrong giving Crooner a try
5 out of 5
Deer tongue
This has become my daily driver.
5 out of 5
Well done!
Magnificent smoke. Mild but flavorful with a great room note. Makes me wish I had ordered more. Smoking a Savinelli Bings favorite and listening to Bings Christmas album. It does get much better than that
5 out of 5
This is my all-time favorite
This is my all-time favorite smoke. It simply hits all the right notes for me. It is also the only tobacco my wife liked to smell out of the jar. She also doesn't mind the room note... So, if it's spouse-approved it cant be bad. And the Bing backstory makes it more appealing for her. Anyway... I'm not precisely sure how the deertounge affects the taste. My palate is not that refined. I've read others commenting on hints of vanilla or herb... But whatever it is, it works. A bright burley that is easy to smoke away with a simple gravity fill. I buy this by the pound whenever it's available to ensure I'll always have it on hand. (on a side note, PS 41 is a close second to this). aloha. -aaron
5 out of 5
Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day (Bub bub ba boo!)
Found it!! The exact smoke I've been searching for! I shoulda known Der Bingle would be the fella to lead me to it! I was an exclusive aro smoker for all of the 30 odd years I've been an on and off piper, but I recently went down the old burley road after finally giving in to the sheer pleasure Matches 860 always displayed while puffing on some Haunted Bookshop (also a new love of mine!). I bought a tin of HB, as well as a can of Prince Albert and suddenly, the shine was knocked clean off my beloved aros. I was an instantaneous burley lover. (neigh-sayers can pipe down. You've dismissal of PA as a no-goodnick OTC, codger blend will fall on deaf ears, here. I go through at least2-4 bowls if the stuff a day, as well as a smattering of Carter Hall). A random web search while watching "The Road to Morocco" as to the old groaner's smoke of choice led me to Crooner and the rest was history. Got 4 oz to start, waiting on a whoppin' el-bee of the stuff as we speak. The tin note was delicious and, oddly enough, reminded me of the slightly cinnamon, earthy nut smell of a freshly opened box of raisin bran or cinnamon Life cereal. Sounds odd, I know- but also familiar, homey and as comforting as a heavy down quilt on a cold winters night. The nutty, smokey, leathery-sweet goodness of the top-notch cube cut burley with the floral, spicy, vanilla zing of deer tongue just swept me away as soon as I lit the first bowl. The cube cut makes for a lot of expansion upon lighting, so keep it in mind to fill the bowl on the low side. I've read that some folks simply gravity feed and lightly tamp, but I did my usual three-step fill and it worked like a charm. A char light, a gentle tamp and a light and it burned cool, creamy, long, dry and slow, requiring little maintenance and only one re-light. It burned to the bottom and left a fine, white ash. I hear tell of ghosting, but none that couldn't be rectified by a full bowl of PA. It's a bu bu bu beauty!
4 out of 5
Just Not For Me
This had decent flavor but was a little too mild for me. It also left gunk in my pipe bowl so all in all I will probably not buy this again even though it is far from the worst tobacco I have encountered.
5 out of 5
Crooner is a Top Shelf Cube Cut
Crooner is an excellent cube cut burley. The deer tongue to me is a nice addition but pretty much a background thing. People say vanilla--maybe. If there is a forward taste, it is mor cocoa from the burley. Smokes very slow--set some time aside. I smoke it weekly or so. It is quite tasty, and pretty inexpensive. I tend to mix mine with PS Cube Cut 5:1. Just a few strands of any ribbon cut or shag burley does help it burn better.
5 out of 5
great stuff, will reorder again.
great stuff, will reorder again.
5 out of 5
Great Blend
Really great tasting blend. Smokes easy, stays lit. Will order more when back in stock!
5 out of 5
Very pleasant!
Very pleasant!
5 out of 5
A wonderful classy blend offering a taste treat that is unique and satisfying. Bing truly had good taste!
3 out of 5
Good but mellow
Good tobacco, smokes cool with no bite with a pleasant room note and smells great in the tin. Just too mellow tasting for me.
3 out of 5
Would not purchase again
Would not purchase again
3 out of 5
C & D Crooner Review
I liked it. Not loved it, but liked it. Pleasant room note, stays lit easily, and tastes good. Tamping and relighting brings some harshness, but not bad. Rich smoke. I'll definitely finish the pouch..... And probably buy more at some point.
5 out of 5
Crooner Pipe Tobacco
One of the finer tobaccos I have smoked. Burns even and long with few relights. A smooth all day smoke, slightly nutty.
5 out of 5
What more could you want?
A spice mixed into tobacco?! So out of the bag and into a jar, its a bit dry. I have seen reviews on this and several people all point out it seems a little dry so I did wet it a bit. Heavy nicotine hit, but a great blend. And smoked by one of the best voices in the music industry. What more could you want.
5 out of 5
Love at first smoke.
When I lit it I was unsure. The first minute or so was harsh. But then - heaven in a pipe. I know this will become my go to blend. The burley is medium/strong and burns cool and slow. The deertongue remains subtle throughout lending a slight floral vanilla like note. Never doubt Bing. Never doubt Cornell and Diehl to deliver quality burley!
5 out of 5
Moist is best.
I tried this from my local tobacco shop, where it had dried out somewhat. It was strong, hot and dizzying. Regardless, it had a great aroma to it, like no other tobacco I have ever tried. I moistened the whole batch with a little food grade glycerin and let it sit for about a week to soak in good. Now it is a cool, slow burning smoke with a 1940's room note.
4 out of 5
This is an amazing nutty infused walk though the trees of yesteryear!
Complex does not begin to describe this dreamy opus. Dashes of nut inspired by the texture of the very loading of a wonderful bowl will illicit images of yore. A true time capsule of meandering, lilting notes meets one on a journey of music to the senses.
5 out of 5
Bing's favorite now one of mine too.
Normally, I am a smoker of English blends. Crooner is lighter and provides me with an occasional diversion without being insipid or flabby. The room note is pleasant also. I like it.
4 out of 5
Sneaky bite...but memorible....
This is a strange blend.. the stand alone smell of this tobacco is just enchanting, everything that brings back memories of days gone by... But, when you smoke this, it will sneak up on you if you smoke it to fast... I found that you have to go slow. I have smoke some great blends, and this one still got me dizzy...
4 out of 5
This is an interesting blend. The deer tongue definitely stands out! Mellow with a flavor like no other tobacco that I've tried. It was good enough for me to reorder and will do so again.
2 out of 5
Wow thats strong!
I gave this a good try and I just couldn't stomach the intensity. It has a nice flavor, but it was strong enough to make me cough quite a bit. Go for it if you like strong tobacco flavor and a little vanilla like Deer tongue. Its not bad, but just not for me.
3 out of 5
Good tobacco, just not my cup of tea.
I bought this because I've always loved Bing Crosby, just wanted to give his blend a try. In short, Papa Bing was a much better pipe smoker than I will ever be. Simply too strong a flavor for me, I'll let it age and see if that helps. It does, however, have a great room note. Maybe I should give it to a friend with the promise that they will only smoke it around me.
4 out of 5
When I want a different smoke
I thought I would give this a try. Not bad at all get just a hint of burley and is a bit strong first couple of puffs! Have not had any bad comments re the room note. I wouldn't smoke daily but for when I want something different. Has a different pouch aroma and must be the deer tongue. But will keep some in my rotation!
2 out of 5
Not My Cup Of Tea....
I wanted to try some tobacco that famous people smoked, and I read that this was Bing Crosby's blend. The pouch note was very strong and herbal, like tobacco mixed with Oolong tea. It seemed very dry, but it packed OK, and lit well. The first puff felt like it blew the top of my head off. Harsh and bitter, with a very strong herbal character. It was almost as bad as 5 Brothers. In fact, if you poured vanilla extract, and cheap grain alcohol into a pouch of 5 Brothers, I think this is close to what you would get. Maybe add a little battery acid for some extra 'kick'.... I could just barely catch a hint of burly somewhere in the mix. But it did burn well, and never really bit. It was just harsh...very much so. Bing could've smoked anything he wanted...and this is what he picked????? No accounting for taste. I'll leave this blend to those who are a lot tougher than I am.......
5 out of 5
Bing's the thing...and so is Crooner!
Bing Crosby has always been one of my favorite entertainers so, of course, I had to try Crooner. I ordered two ounces and enjoyed it very much--so much that I just ordered another 8 ounces. I love the smell right from the pouch and, contrary to what others have written, I have had some compliments on the room note it leaves. It is a bit stronger tobacco and may not be the best choice for someone new to pipe smoking, but I go to Crooner as my first choice for each day now.
4 out of 5
Definitely Different
This is certainly "different". Not bad; not great, but different. The "different" is attributable to the deer tongue. It's worth a try just because it IS different. Smokes cool and stayed lit well for me. I doubt it will ever be my "go to" blend, but would not hesitate to order again for those times I'm feeling "different". :-)
3 out of 5
Was a very strong smoke but had a great after taste I believe it was the dear tounge so I did some research and ordered Cornell & diehl gentleman's caller witch is supposedly a not as harsh & also has dear tounge I just hope it has the same great after taste
3 out of 5
Crooner's good, but...
I like the Deertongue in Gentlemen Caller and was looking for a replacement, since you haven't added it, yet, to the C&D selections. This isn't quite as good as GC, is stronger with a bit more bite, and will probably be relegated to my smaller pipes as a result. Still, not at all displeased with the choice.
5 out of 5
Unique, worth a try
This blend has a unique, light herbal, vanilla aroma but I find that it mostly tastes like a good non-aromatic cube burley blend with a bit of "herbalness". As others observed, it expands when it burns so don't fill your pipe too full! It doesn't bite but it will give you a buzz if you smoke it too hard. It's not likely to become my favorite but is a delightful change of pace.
5 out of 5
Deer tongue Crooner
Cornell & Diehl Crooner is the only blend I have located with Deer Tongue in the blend. It gives the tobacco a great taste. It is mild but gives off a great room note. I often mix this blend with others such as Sutliffs Vanilla Custard or Spicey Vanilla. This would be a great addition to the aromatic smokers blends.
Customer Testimonials
A couple of important notes, this tobacco is strong. I'm a novice smoker, but even taking it really slow, afterwards I could tell that I had overdone it. Second, because of the cut, don't fill your bowl, and tamp very lightly. At about 3/4 full with some slight tamping, the burning tobacco erupted over the top of my pipe like one of those pyrotechnic sidewalk snakes at the 4th of July! This is a dry, clean smoke, with an absolutely phenomenal flavor. The base burley had a rich, nutty flavor, and the deertongue was sweetly floral with a suggestion of vanilla. A must try!
JG of Portland, OR
Thought it would be novel to smoke this watching "White Christmas". Bing was the epitome of class. Is everything said above, but I am a nervous puffer so it was a tad hot. If you are a seasoned disciplined smoker I think you would enjoy it.
JH of Traverse City, MI
Not for the faint of heart, nice taste and room note. I don't think this could be my go to tobacco but as a change of pace I like it.
EB of Malta, NY
What a blend! Classic burley cube-cut. Had the best experience by doing a ol' codger scoop of the pipe into the bag, slight tamp, light, and enjoy the bliss. Very subtle vanilla and floral notes from the deertongue and a room note I can only describe as some sort of flowery, honey-like aroma. Go slow and give it the respect it deserves and reap your immense reward!
CJ of Wichita, KS
This tobacco is very unique. As it burns it appears to fluff in the bowl and rise. Make sure you don't over pack and have a spill over. Out of the bag it has a very distinct "apple pie" smell to it and when burning it has a rich, strong aroma that you will notice every time you burn it. My friends have grown to know when I am smoking Crooner because of this. It does have more of a smooth/medium taste to it and the deer tongue adds to that which makes it a must go to for me to enjoy. I regularly buy C&D Crooner for myself and my friends on Holidays. This tobacco does not disappoint and is a must try, you will either love it or hate it!
JC of Saint Amant, LA
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