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Cornell & Diehl Crowley
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Cornell & Diehl Crowley's Best

Crowley’s Best might be looked upon as an American/English blend, but it’s really a Burley blend since it contains no Virginia. With a great base of Burley, Latakia and Perique flesh out the mixture, adding depth, body and sweetness.


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Overall Rating4.67 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Crowley's Best”

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5 out of 5
A Beast of a Tobacco
Crowley's Best, Haunted Bookshop, and Old Joe Krantz are the three C&D bulk blends I have tried. Both HB and OJK are excellent blends, but with Bookshop the burley comes through more, and with Old Joe the perique is stronger. If you like either of these two blends you will love Crowley's Best. CB has the addition of latakia. This blend does not produce a latakia bomb, and this was my main concern before trying it. I assumed that since either the burley or perique comes through more with the other two blends, the latakia would come through stronger here. Of the three I've mentioned CB is the most well-balanced. None of the three different tobaccos in this blend overpower the other. Will definitely order more.
5 out of 5
Surprisingly good! My palate is not as refined as others, nevertheless this is a good relaxing english blend. Tastes smokey and subtly sweet. Definitely ordering more. Arrived in a timely fashion.
4 out of 5
If you like an english
If you like an english mixture with a decent spicy note this is a decent all day blend. it take a little settling into, for me. That is, I smoke it for days and enjoy each pipe more than the last until I don't then I put it away for a while. Burns well and although I love the room note others don't. I believe it has cavendish in to "pull it together and round out the flavour., so cellaring may improve it. I buy bulk and cellar for six months at least.
5 out of 5
Crowleys Best is the best
Whether you know much about “the wickedest man” or not you’ll enjoy this English blend with strong perique notes. I also suggest Haddo’s Delight which is also a Crowley inspired pipe tabbacco of note.
3 out of 5
Good flavor
Good flavor
5 out of 5
I bought Crowley's and seven other english blends to try, Super Balkan being #1 for myself then Crowley's. This is very good with a nice Nicotine punch.
5 out of 5
PawBoe likes his English
Don't know why there are only two reviews. This is good stuff, and it has a Nice Nic. hit to it. Tried some C&D Super Balkan and Fiddlesticks early but Dunhill Nightcap is still my favorite. I still have 5 1oz. bags to try of English blends. I'll be buying more of Crowley's. Very good.
5 out of 5
C&D does it again!
Awesome! Totally awesome! Spicy and pretty bold... burns really cool.
5 out of 5
A blend that gets no respect
Man I love this stuff. It's one of four blends recommended to me by Craig Tarler back in the 90s, and I've been smoking all four of them ever since. I sure do miss that man. So how do you categorize this stuff? Like the description, I'd say that it's a burley blend. It certainly has a lot of the toasty burley character, and the latakia and perique in it do not fight to take center stage. But it is very different from the tinned burley flake blends that C&D produces. It seems like this blend is more harmonious than those. I get the distinct flavors from all three of the components (burley, latakia and perique), but they cooperate with each other to provide a great smoking experience for me. This blend seems to be a Rodney Dangerfield in the Cornell & Diehl line, but it does deserve respect. If you're interested to see what can happen when Virginias are forsaken in favor of burley, this is a good showcase. Give it it a shot and let us know what you think.
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