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Cornell & Diehl Small Batch - Eight State Burley Pipe Tobacco
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Cornell & Diehl Small Batch - Eight State Burley

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Burley is the foundation of American pipe tobaccos and Cornell & Diehl Small Batch - Eight State Burley is a tribute to that iconic leaf. Using various Burley strains that are pressed together with red and bright Virginia and Samsun, Katerini, and Sokhoum, the blend is then tumbled out into an easy-to-pack ribbon. It's a complex blend with notes of earth, spice, sweetness tied together with an underlying creaminess/ If you're a fan of Burley blends you're definitely going to want to give this limited edition blend a try before it's gone.

Overall Rating4.35 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Small Batch - Eight State Burley”

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4 out of 5
An excellent and well-balanced blend.
An excellent and well-balanced blend. The orientals in particular harmonize with the burleys quite well, producing an earthy, mellow smoke with floral notes. It's not a burley bomb as advertised, but rather an all-day smoke with burley as its feature.
5 out of 5
Usually my first bowl of
Usually my first bowl of the day. I find it a smooth and enjoyable smoke.
3 out of 5
Mild in flavor, moderate in
Mild in flavor, moderate in nicotine. Has a hint of sweetness from the Virginia leaf. The Orientals add a hint if spice.The Burley shines and has a slight cocoa, molasses taste.Takes a few relights to get going , then burns nicely . Has a nice aroma. Can be an all day smoke for me.
5 out of 5
Amazingly good. A favorite burley blend.
Amazingly good. A favorite burley blend in my daily rotation. Nice tin note and room note. Nutty, cocoa, coffee essence, mild sweetness not overdone. Balanced with just the right pure tobacco taste. Smokes clean, completely and dry. Leaves no dottle at the bottom of the bowl. What an excellent tobacco should taste like.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Holy crap
My goodness - this is one stellar blend. I lack the words to describe how much I enjoyed this. Incredibly nuanced and more aromatic than I anticipated. Stupidly delicious.
4 out of 5
Good stuff. I bought one
Good stuff. I bought one tin to try then two more to have on hand. Worth a shot if you enjoy burley blends.
3 out of 5
Floral bouquet
I think that C&D is a great company producing very good pipe tobacco. I think that the quality of this mix is very good. It has a floral taste to me, which isn't my preference right now, hence the rating.
3 out of 5
Passable tobacco not much depth
Passable tobacco not much depth to this blend rather bland and leaves you disappointed.
3 out of 5
Imo's great but likes
Imo's great but likes my meerschaums over my briars due to it's STRENGTH
5 out of 5
A perfect all day blend.
I'm still relatively new to non-aros, and this is my first foray into burley heavy blends, but wow was I blown away. The flavor on this has some light nuttiness and vanilla, but in a natural, non-toppings kinda way. The aroma on this blend, both from the tin and while enjoying a bowl is absolutely delightful. This is a mellow blend that doesn't pretend to be anything it's not, and the result is a fantastic all-day smoke perfect for relaxing any busy thoughts. Cheers!
5 out of 5
Just wow...
Jeremy Reeves has really knocked the ball out of the park with this one!
4 out of 5
C&D…my new standard of quality
C & D continues to impress me…finally discovering that I was a “VaPer, or straight Virginia man, such as Orlik, I mentioned to the local tobacco man that I didn’t see the point of Burley…I figured it was filler… he recommended “haunted Bookshop” and it turned me around…can’t say enough about that blend Now, I was back buying more bookshop, and I saw a few tins of this and thought I’d roll the dice…wow, so so good… Eight state burley is like opening a pack of Nat Sherman cigarettes…but in the best possible way. Smells more like tobacco, to me, than most Virginias do…hard to explain…but here is my best shot… If you want an awesome pipe tobacco, no prep, just strait out of the tin….but no nonsense, smoke break, reminds me of when I smoked cigarettes but wished they were something more” this just might be your new go-to…it’s a small batch so I’m not gonna fall in love. But as stated, C&D is fast becoming my go-to maker of good bo nonsense smoke
5 out of 5
Burley blend with a twist
C&D are known for their burley blends and this one doesn't disappoint. It checks all the burley boxes, giving you a chocolate nutty flavor that is smooth and reminiscent of OTC tobaccos of yesteryear. Then it flips the script by hitting you with the sour spicy notes of great quality oriental leaf. The constituent tobaccos in this blend work perfectly to compliment one another. The orientals really shine in the second half of the bowl. Moisture is perfect right out of the tin and like most burley-centric offerings I enjoy this best in a corn cob but it performs admirably well in a briar, though the orientals don't seem to stand out as much. For a Burley lover this is a must try as it is different enough from the standard fair with the addition of the aged oriental leaf. The nicotine strength on this one is low to medium in my book which opens this tobacco up to those who are less fond of vitamin N. I highly recommend giving this a try if you can get your hands on some.
5 out of 5
Just a delicious and beautiful blend! I had to order more and was lucky enjoy to have gotten 3 more tins from your site. Thanks
5 out of 5
Burley lovers take note!
As good as it gets for top quality Burley. A rare combination of USA tobaccos artfully blended. Easy to smoke in every respect, tasty and rich, easy light, steady burn, no goop. Great aroma too. The tin aroma is subdued after things are lit and going. The packaging helps keep the moisture level just right for quite a while if you put the tin lid back in the tin along with the paper cover. Sadly, the tobacco never lasts very long but luckily, I’ve stashed a coupla extra tins and will just enjoy it while it’s around.
5 out of 5
This is what the pipe tobacco world needs more of. This blend is not only delicious but offers the smoker an education. When else are you going to find a blend of vintage tobacco that is openly stated on the label ? It’s an experience that will help lift artisanal tobacco up to a level of transparency that we see in small batch whiskey or craft beer. As for the the blend itself It’s fantastic, tin notes of chocolate, nuts, dates and rooibos tea. The taste is wheat cracker, toast, hay, roasted nuts Burns clean and easy. Nice and dry out of the tin like usual. If you like OJK you will love this. If you’re not already a fan of Jeremy Reeves and C&D you better get on it.
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