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Cornell & Diehl Sunset Harbor Flake

For those who love the sea, few things in life are more satisfying after a long day on the salt than dropping anchor in a quiet harbor and enjoying a beautiful sunset. C&D invites you to enhance the experience with a bowl of Sunset Harbor Flake, a classic Balkan style blend made with the finest Izmir Oriental to add a touch of spice to the end of a perfect day.


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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Sunset Harbor Flake”

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5 out of 5
Dark, Smoky, and More to come...
Sweet, with a nice smoky, slightly spicy flavor, and pleasant sips of cream now and then. Cheers to that!
5 out of 5
Desert Island Blend
One of my absolute favorites at the moment.. top notch from C&D. Think they blended this just for me! Although I like Virginias and the sugar it produces for aging, I prefer the taste of Turkish and oriental blends more. I also like turk for giving a blend body, while still being mellower then burley. So to find a blend that forgo Virginia and burley is a blessing. The flake is quite delicate so can easily be rubbed or packed as whole flake. It's a smooth cool smoking blend for me. Almost every time getting smoked to a fine white ash with no dottle. the Turkish tobacco has the mellow earthy taste while the latakia gives it the smooth smokey goodness. These two seem to go back and forth for me. Both being more then present, but the two almost dancing rather then fighting. I would also say this has a good bit of perique in it too. Giving the nice smooth and mellow smokey/earthy-ness a bit of welcomed spice. If you like English flakes without a whole lot of sweetness, a must try
5 out of 5
The one for me
To preface, I am a Navy style, cake, flake, coin, English, non-aromatic smoker. 1792 and Nightcap are all day smokes for me but with over 130 tobaccos tried over the years, if I had to pick one all 'round, without a doubt this is the best anytime smoke I've ever enjoyed.