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Cornell & Diehl Tuggle Hall No. 965 Pipe Tobacco
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Cornell & Diehl Tuggle Hall No. 965

Cornell & Diehl Tuggle Hall has often been compared to Dunhill 965, but the components are different. There are some taste similarities, and the blend has a rich, sweet character all its own. The base for this blend is smooth Burley and is complimented by deeply smoky Cyprian Latakia, and boosted by the inclusion of sweet and spicy Perique. C&D's Tuggle Hall is a contemplative blend that's second to none.


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Overall Rating4.4 out of 5 Based on 20 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cornell & Diehl Tuggle Hall No. 965”

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5 out of 5
Just what I was looking for.
Now this is great stuff! I've been searching for a good English blend to keep on hand and this might be the one. I tried some Billy Budd but all I could taste was Latakia and nothing else. I like C&D and I like Burley so Tuggle Hall works for me. The first bit of the bowl is all Latakia so I worried this would be just like Billy Budd. Not so! About halfway into the bowl, a nice sweetness opened up and the Latakia stepped aside to let some other flavors through. I tried a small bowl but even from that small amount, I got a nice hit of nicotine. I'll have some in my John Bull bulldog to enjoy a longer smoke of this. Really good stuff and it comes in bulk so it's much more affordable than tins, which I am happy about. Will order more.
5 out of 5
I really enjoyed and thanks!!
I really enjoyed and thanks!! Chris
3 out of 5
Good flavor. excellent aroma. If
Good flavor. excellent aroma. If you like my mixture 965 you'll probably like this blend as well.
5 out of 5
A quality bulk tobacco
I tried this as a bulk replacement for nightcap. While it isn't the same, it is really good and one I will keep on the roster.
4 out of 5
I always turn to this
I always turn to this blend when the weather gets colder. I enjoy it several times a week, and plan to continue. I am very pleased C&D make it a bulk blend.
5 out of 5
A great robust tobacco. Everything
A great robust tobacco. Everything comes together nicely in this blend. In fact in a few minutes I am ordering more.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Gets much better with age.
I bought an ounce of this Tuggle Hall a few years ago to sample and was not too into it at the time so I put it in a mason jar to cellar it for later. Just the other day I pulled it off the shelf and popped the jar for something different and it smoked like a dream. No relights and no tongue bite. Thick fumes of smoke that have body and earthy taste. I think this stuff gets much better with age as even the tin note was better than what I had remembered it to be. Now I find myself craving more of it.
3 out of 5
C and D Tuggle Hall
Mild blend and, as advertised, nothing like MM 965. Decent all day smoke, but it didnt do much for my taste buds, then again I smoke a good bit and have trouble tasting very mild blends.
3 out of 5
I’m still on the fence
I got it to try as a replacement for my mixture. When I got it had no where near the taste it was Virginia forward. Now that it has sit in the bag for about three weeks and dried out substantially I’m tasting more of my mixture. So still out on the fence and the hunt for dunhill replacements
3 out of 5
Pepper and spice.
Ordered the bulk loose packed version of this blend. Not sure it is really for me. I am getting a lot of pepper and spice, and it just sort of stings the back of the throat for me. The 'bag' note is of a sturdy English blend. Wife says "smells like cigarettes". Other thing I get is about half way through a bowl, I start reallllly feeling the nicotine hit. Zero tongue bite even when puffed aggressively. I've jarred it to taste again in a few months to see if it mellows out a bit. A good blend, but just a bit too much for me as it is now.
5 out of 5
Cornell & Diehl Tgggle Hall # 965
Its fresh - smokes pretty smoothly BUT still it needs more Latakia blended in for rich flavor !
5 out of 5
New Go To
C & D Tuggle Hall No. 965 may now be my go to tobacco. It has much of what I want: somewhat sweet, no bite and pleasant flavor. I will continue to try other tobaccos but for everyday smoking, this is my choice. By the way, the price is reasonable.
3 out of 5
Not my cup of tea!
This is a nice easy smoke,but I found it needs to be smoked slow and easy as it began to smoke with a peppery taste.I liked the aroma it has,but it isn't really my taste, I may mix it with something else and try to get it more to what I like.Dont think I will buy anymore.
5 out of 5
A Cornell & Diehl Triumph
One of the finest English blends I've ever smoked.
5 out of 5
Equally good
I smoke both 965 and Tuggle Hall and don't consider 965 a clone blend, but a great, easy smoking English blend in its own right. Not as deep a Latakia taste as 965, but very flavorful and easier to smoke. Needs to be at the right moisture level and needs to sit in a jar a while then becomes a flavor bomb.
4 out of 5
Good choice--zesty
First bowl was in a Crown of England pip. Initial reaction in my notes was "Makes me feel as if I am really smoking a pipe, like an old guy." Which, I am. The zest of the Perique kicked in nicely about halfway through the bowl. It's a nice blend.
5 out of 5
Chris B.
Great aroma and taste. I needed to go gentle with it though, as it burned hot otherwise.
5 out of 5
Best English Blend I've Ever Smoked!
My favorite English blend! Just tried this recently with a small 2 oz. purchase and I will need more. Better than Boswell's Northwoods as everyone suggested I give that a try and it paled in comparison to this stuff. If you like a good flavor and a bold smoke, this is highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Love C&D Tuggle Hall 965!
Read elsewhere this was reminiscent of old Dunhill My Mixture 965. Never had that old classic but sure love this Tuggle Hall 965! Just purchased a pound and immediately added to very short list of favorites. Unbelievable marriage of Cavendish, Latakia, and Perique. Healthy dose of Latakia with hints of cavendish and occasional perique for a lot of wood, leather, and spice. I get a rock solid ending sweet note every time. All very smooth with terrific flavor and room note. It's one of my four Cornell & Diehl favorites in rotation. Highly recommended. I prefer to sip on this one to maintain the leather and woodsy flavor and avoid too much pepper. I not only highly recommend it but will continue to order and keep in my rotation of C&D masterpiece tobacco blends!
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