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Cuban Honeys Cigars
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Cuban Honeys

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If you enjoy flavored cigars, do we have a treat for you - introducing Cuban Honeys!

These tasty morsels are hand-made in the Dominican Republic by La Aurora using Cuban-seed tobaccos, and finished by applying tantalizing all-natural flavors. Even better is that these aromatic gems are priced very nicely.

Coffee: Real coffee flavor is combined with the essence of sweet cream which gives this cigar a flavor that's smooth and comforting.

Southern Gentleman: Rich vanilla is combined with exotic fruit and a light touch of Bourbon to give Country Gentleman a unique, pleasantly-sweet flavor.

Cherry: Cherry is one of the most popular flavors for aromatic cigars, and this isn't the sharp, artificial type of cherry flavor, but more of a dark cherry with more finesse.

Dr. Kocher: This zesty, lively flavor is reminiscent of a very popular soda flavor that includes a combination of cherry, vanilla, almond and others. It's like having a soda without the calories or the belching.

Drunken Truffle: Here's a completely different flavor combination which includes coconut, chocolate, Irish cream, warm vanilla and whiskey - smooth, sweet and delightfully boozy.

Honey: Few flavors are more popular in aromatic cigars than honey, and this uses an essence of superior honey that will lightly linger on the palate.

Vanilla: This is an exceptionally smooth and rich vanilla flavor, which combines beautifully with the natural sweetness of the cigar itself.

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Customer Testimonials
I just smoked a Dr. Kocher, a cigar I have been looking forward to every since I saw it advertised. I am of fan of Dr. Pepper, and while the ads don't come right out and say it, the cigars itself do. Pre light aroma was like popping a top off a can. I do have some gripes about it though. I remember the old Cuban Honeys having a sweet tip. Alas, this one didn't. Maybe the other flavors have it. Second, though distinct and definitely there, the flavor of the soda was a little light. The only other way to say it that I can think of but it tasted kind of like a almost flat Dr. Pepper. Interesting cigar nevertheless. Would I buy again? No, but am going to try the other ones.
JC of Louisville, KY
Good cigar, nice taste, great price. Thanks
EH of Newton Falls, NY
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