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Daughters & Ryan Picayune

A full bodied blend of exceptional dark air-cured and the finest flue-cured Gold Leaf tobaccos, Daughters & Ryan Picayune is combined with a rare and flavorful Perique and Samsun Oriental tobacco. This spicy and complexly flavored pipe tobacco is great with a cup of coffee. The strength and flavor of Picayune and your java will jump-start your day. Daughters & Ryan Picayune is a savory tobacco that will keep you satisfied all day long. If you’re a fan of Burley tobaccos or looking to try something new, Daughters & Ryan Picayune pipe tobacco is a great choice at an affordable price. 

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Overall Rating 4.04 out of 5 Based on 25 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Daughters & Ryan Picayune”

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5 out of 5
A favorite
One of my all time favorites! Excellent bag note, earthy and fermented fruit. Punchy and strong by itself, for me a Vaper on steroids. I taste virginia and perique, plummy, grassy, and fermenty with a great kick. Fantastic in a small pipe. Love it as a condiment with anything else to add spice and strength. Blended 1 to 1 with Lane Vanilla Black Cavendish is a regular smoke. One I always want on hand, can't wait to see what it tastes like with some age on it. I buy it by the pound.
5 out of 5
Picayune is irony
Strong and bold and rich. Somewhat cigar-like but the tart perique takes it someplace else. Apparently based on a now-defunct local New Orleans brand. Nice through a Gizeh extra full flavor. Hard to imagine it as a filterless offering. As a veteran FF smoker the nicotine does not seem overpowering to me, but pipe smokers might disagree. I imagine it would also be great in a cob. Like it a lot but probably too rich for an all day thing. Would order again.
5 out of 5
Picayune Review
I love this tobacco. Drying it out seems to always make it more stout to me, absolutely great!!
1 out of 5
Full and Distinky
After reading some reviews I purchased an ounce to try in my pipe for an occasional vitamin N kick and to add some oomph to some milder blends. In retrospect this was a bad purchase decision. Not to say others might love it, especially for RYO, but after dutifully smoking through the ounce, and trying it with all sorts of tobaccos, the only things that stand out to me about it are its fullness (that was the good part), and the intense scent of cigarettes it left in my mouth and on my clothes. In search of another tobacco to fulfill the roles I mistakenly tried to give to Picayune, I found Peter Stokkebye's Perique 311 to be exactly what I was looking for.
4 out of 5
This packs a wallop. I use it as a condiment to spice up Burly-Virginia blends, especially straight Virginia. Use sparingly!
5 out of 5
oh mammy
Five star because it is what D&R says it is.I rolled up one this tobacco slapped my mammy nic level is high.Taste was ok,in haled slowly with no problem,be careful if you take a full draw. I will be blending this with cockstrong too see if I can mellow it down,although cockstrong does not need any help it is fine by its self. Ive smoked full flavored cigs for about 35 years.Picayune is a good full flavored tobacco.
5 out of 5
Good Stuff!!!!
The tin differs in a big way than the bag.
1 out of 5
Well..its strong...
Thats honestly all I can say about this one. To me it tastes like a strong bitter burley. The nicotine does hit fairly hard, but there is just not a flavor profile that the ingredients would suggest. The only redeeming quality of this tobacco is that its good for bumping up the nicotine in bulk aromatics, Captain Black, and the like without changing the flavor much.
5 out of 5
A pinch of Picayune
Great condiment, forget about smoking it straight,nic level is high,and it hits very harsh, a pinch with a mild va is good,the smallest amount goes a long way, I find it to work well with athey, winter gold, Ramback, it brings the flavor to the forefront with a peppery kick,if blended just right, you have the perfect smoke!
4 out of 5
Makes an excellent blender tobacco !
I purchased this to try when one of my favorite twist tobaccos was on back order for so long. I needed something strong to take it's place. This did the will get a very strong head buzz from this so if you are new to strong tobaccos take it slow if smoking it straight. It blends well with BCA, Perique, Latakia and or dark Kentucky. By itself it does kind of burn hot so smoke it slow & use a filtered cob. It does have a nice spice taste, but works much better as a blender for making something unique. Seems to come alive and mix well with other tobaccos and give a weak blend some kick.
3 out of 5
Sooooooo strong! Couldn't even smoke it, so I gave it three stars.
5 out of 5
D and R Picayune
I love this stuff! I had purchased a pound a while back, and thought it was alright. However, I had a craving for it again. What a joy to be reunited! I love the perique, oriental, and burley combination. I also like the strength of this tobacco. I am also fond of burleys and enjoy a good strong smoke. This definitely delivers the goods. Also good for the workplace for quick smoke breaks. Thanks and good job to D and R for providing a good hardy smoking pipe tobacco.
3 out of 5
Try "injector"
I am at a loss... I am reading comment after comment of people claiming they are putting this in their pipes... lol
5 out of 5
Daughters & Ryan Picayune
Good stuff: spicy, strong!
5 out of 5
Great stuff!
a bit spicy but gets the job done will buy again
3 out of 5
To blend in order to smooth its strength
3 out of 5
could be better if it hadnt been allowed to dry out or exposed to mold
Picayune might have been a good tobacco if it had been fresh. The oz I got was very dry and a good bit of powder. Apparently the bottom of the barrel and old. I tried humidifying it but it soon started to mold. I got rid of the mold and dried the remainder. its so harsh one can barely smoke it. Picayune is suppose to be shag but its a ribbon cut. I would like this tobacco if it were truly shag, if it were fresh, and hadn't been introduced to mold some where along the way. I will think twice before ordering it again.
5 out of 5
What's in a Name?
Good tobacco flavor with a bit of spice. Stays lit easily. Burns all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Best smoked slowly. Good choice for a new pipe smoker or an older puffer.
5 out of 5
I really enjoyed my daughter's
I really enjoyed my daughter's and Ryan's baccy. I look forward to purchasing more in the future.
5 out of 5
D&R Picayune Rules
Absolute love this blend,such a smooth unique spicy tobacco.Tasty on the pallet! Give this on a try! Al
5 out of 5
The tobacco that I have
The tobacco that I have tried is surprisingly pleasant with no bite what so ever so far. It is relaxing and pleasant to my taste, I am very satisfied with my choices.
2 out of 5
Maybe try it???
It just wasn't for me. I tried hard to like it (smoked at least an ounce). I got an eggy taste in my pipe frequently that really turned me off. This tobacco is also very spicy-- maybe this should be expected. I like spice; but, this was too much for me. If you like very spicy tobacco, maybe try it. Just don't buy five ounces like me! I wish I could give this more stars, the company seems good... Maybe I got a bad batch.
4 out of 5
A southern smoke.
Good Blend. Perique is loud and in front, then Virginia, then Burley, and the oriental is a quite, smooth finish. You've got to like perique to like this blend.
4 out of 5
Zesty mixer
Picayune is really good to spice up a blend and give it an extra boost of N. Comes very dry but comes to order quickly when mixed with something that is cased. Adds complexity to something that is simple. About 1 to 4 is a good place to start.
4 out of 5
Rob Graber
This is the strongest tobacco I have ever smoked. I enjoy it--outdoors only!
Customer Testimonials
This order came with five different tobaccos from P&C. I'm a new pipe smoker with limited experience with premium tobaccos, and non-aromatic to boot. Just tonight, I enjoyed my first pipe full of Picayune, and I have got to say that I have never had a tobacco this spicy before. True, I'm used to Captain Black and Smoker's Pride and other OTC blends (PA and Half & Half included) and none of the aforementioned had the body, the spice, and the tongue-smacking qualities that Picayune offered to me tonight. There isn't much to be said in terms of flavors, but I have read online that some use this as a kicker for blending and that it might not be best my itself-- but where does one gain experience if not trying everything humanly possible with a blend? So, when comparing this to an OTC blend-- no comparison. This is a no-holds-barred kick right to the butt with steel-toed boots, that will slap you without remorse, unless you eat something-- and even then, it's still a boxing glove but with the barbed wire removed. Even with these extremely descriptive words, I can't say anything more than THIS IS A GREAT TOBACCO! Use this if you want to boost your aromatics with some nicotine without altering the flavor too much (again, I'm a beginner and haven't discerned particular flavors yet). If I want a punch in the ribs while enjoying some Arrogant Bastard ale, I will turn directly to Picayune. Highly recommended.
Addendum to the previous review: humidifiying is key. That tames the harshness to a enjoying level, brings out a bit of a dark fired texture on the flavor, but the spiciness strenght that stays in the tongue, similar of a cigar will remain. fill up a 1.5 tin and insert a pouch moistener coin, leave for a week, or repeat the process again if you feel so. that will bring this nicotine beast to a human level. By no means i've found to be this a bad tobacco, it leaves less burn than some OTC, just be cautious, this one surpasses the dizziness a robust english blend gives.
First of all, bought 1oz. and it was dry, so i humidify it for a while. My first smoke was a tad harsh... Now on characteristics: the smoke is not generous mostly cigarette-like, not a pleasant room note, it's very peppery, hints of nuttiness, a "halo" of habano on the earthy side, and also nicotine to spare. I would add a pinch to any light aromatic just for that extra kick. A friend of mine calls it 'El Tuco' like the character from "The Good, The bad and the Ugly"
I am never without Picayune. It is very high quality tobacco. Strong? you ask. . . let's just say that I love strong tobacco, but this is simply off the rails. If you can smoke it straight, you either have a death wish or the nastiest lungs of all time! That said, I use Kentucky Select Red (60%) and Picayune (40%) and get what I think is the best smoke in the world. PipesandCigars has about the best price you can find.
I like strong tobacco but this one is off the charts! Best used as blend. Might be interesting to try with D&R Ryback Gold or even Three Sails. By itself, it'll knock your socks off! Good quality at reasonable price as with all D&R tobacco blends.
This stuff kicks by itself. Got a half day of nicotine before I was done with my first morning smoke. I blend it now with Ryback or something different, maybe 30% Picayune is my limit. Smoke less though.