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Decatur Pipe Shield Shine-Brite

Decatur Pipe Shield Shine Brite (Part II) is a super-fine white compound created to restore the shine to your vulcanite and acrylic stems. Just wipe on and rub off with a soft cloth, or for best results, use a buffing wheel.

Please note - Not for use on briar surfaces.

Decatur Pipe Shield Shine-Brite  Pipe Cleaner
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Decatur Pipe Shield Shine-Brite
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5 out of 5
Decatur Pipe Shield Shine-Brite Restores Dull Pipe Stems
I have just finished trying Decatur Pipe Shield Shine-Brite on my pipe stems and it brought them back to a smooth clean finish. As an experiment, I tried some on some old pipe stems more than two decades old that were discolored with the brown and whitish colors of use and oxidation. The gunk was removed after all those years and the color of the stem restored. Now if I could only remove those teeth marks....
4 out of 5
Still evaluating them,but good so
Still evaluating them,but good so far!!!
4 out of 5
Excellent Product
When used in conjunction with HAZE-AWAY it works well. But be patient & use some "elbow-grease". Badly Oxidized stems will take more than one application. Using NO-OX every time really help.
5 out of 5
decatur pipe shield shine-brite
Excellent product. Easy to apply and buff, my stems are looking like new.
3 out of 5
seems to do the job
works fine
5 out of 5
Decatur Shine-Brite review
I am quite happy with how well my Decatur Shine-Brite has restored the polished appearance to my vulcanite stems. That part was pretty easy (although it did take 2-3 applications). The difficulty was removing the oxidation. I used toothpaste for this process and have not tried Decatur Haze-Away which may make the process easier. I have also had the problem of trying not to damage the logos on the stems. The gold Nording "N" has faded on one of my favorite pipes but I think has more to do with my buffing technique than the product itself. Surprisingly it faded more when subjected to buffing than when I scrubbed with toothpaste to remove the oxidation. Altogether the Shine-Brite seems like good stuff and I will probably keep a supply on hand if only for the convenience of it.
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