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Dr Grabow Omega Pipes

As the largest quality pipe manufacturer in the world, Dr. Grabow is sure to be in your collection. One that you should acquire is Dr. Grabow Omega. These pipes are unique in that they are the only Grabow that has the military style push bit (no Tenon) along with a flared stem and silver ring. This makes the 6mm filter Omega pipe a unique, stylish pipe in the Grabow line. You can’t go wrong with one of these smooth and rustic, top-quality briar bowls especially with the affordable price. Buy this one-of-a-kind Dr. Grabow Omega pipe for your collection and enjoy. 

Please note: Dr. Grabow Pipes are delivered in assorted dozens, so you may not get the exact pipe pictured. 

Dr Grabow Omega Bent  Assorted-Bent (S)
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Dr Grabow Omega Bent
Overall Rating4.35 out of 5 Based on 20 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Dr Grabow Omega Pipes”

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5 out of 5
American Made
A great pipe for the price. The military push bit is a plus. And it's American made!
5 out of 5
My Favorite Pipe
I've been smoking the Omega since the mid-80s. The smooth one was the first pipe I ever bought, and I went back and bought the rustic one the following week. I've since replaced the rustic after dropping it and breaking the shank (superglue worked for a while). It is still my favorite pipe after 30+ years. A reviewer complained about the filter not fitting properly. It's true a clean filter is slightly loose, but it quickly fills up with moisture and solids and is snug. If it was snug to start, the filter would swell internally, restricting the draw. So it's fine for me as is.
4 out of 5
Go to out on the town pipe.
This is my go to pipe, I take it with me when I'm going out for drinks or to hang out with friends. Me, personally I don't use a filter decent sized bowl, never gets to hot. Looks nice. Good price. Thumbs up.
4 out of 5
Great smoker
Probably my favorite Dr Grabow. While the bowl is standard size and it's a filtered pipe, and the pipe is a little hard to clean (full bent), it's very aesthetic and the military bent allows for quick cleaning / disassembly. It's also cheap enough that one doesn't need to worry about it so much. A great first briar.
1 out of 5
Filters Don't Fit
Very nice looking pipe but very, very disappointed with the smoke. The chamber for the filter is too large in both the stem and pipe to accomadate the filter. This allows too much smoke to float around the filter which defeats the purpose of having a filtered pipe. Tar collects on the outer portion of the filter. Because of the design, you can't obtain a solid fit. I have had older Dr. Grabow pipes and was hoping to replace them. I am very disappointed in the craftsmanship because I had a higher expectation for the quality. I didnt want to spend the $$$ on a Savallini but may have to look into that brand...
4 out of 5
Omega pipe
Overall a good pipe and for the price you can't really beat it. I prefer a bigger bowl for a longer smoke which you don't really get with Grabow pipes but other than that I have no complaints.
5 out of 5
The Best
My favorite place for pipe tobacco. Great variety at very reasonable prices. Also a great place for a wide selection of pipes.
2 out of 5
Not what I was expecting!
Just received the Dr Grabow "Omega" which is a much different pipe than described and looks completely different than any of the pictures I've ever seen of an Omega. It does not have the military style push bit (no tenon) along with a flared stem and silver ring. It is a plastic stem that inserts straight into the wood bowl. The pipe also arrived in a plastic ziplock bag, not in the traditional Dr Grabow packaging, and did not come with the single filter that normally comes with these pipes. The pipe I received looks more like a Dr Grabow Savoy. But either way, pipe should serve it's purpose.
5 out of 5
Omega is a Must.
One of my Favorite Yard Pipes. If you are new to Pipes this is a must. Have a few of them and lov'em.
5 out of 5
Like the pipes alot
5 out of 5
Can't go wrong
Great and inexpensive pipe!! Smokes really well.
5 out of 5
Great Product!
I bought The Dr. Grabow Omega Bent pipe for my pipe collection and it is a great Pipe and delivers a smooth cool smoke.
5 out of 5
Extremely pleased!
I have smoked Dr Grabow many years. My dad started me in my 20's, been smokin' ever since!
4 out of 5
Mrs. Nagy
Fast convenient service. Dr. grabow pipes are great. You can use pipe filters with this design
5 out of 5
great priced travel pipe
my favorite travelling pipe. It's priced well and made pretty well. I feel safe taking it out and if I have an accident... I'm not heart broken.
5 out of 5
Dr Grabow Omega Pipe
A very nice pipe...Dr Grabow has been my workhorse pipe, my steady stand by for field and work...and I'm hard on pipes outdoors. I've used Dr Grabow for over 50 years now as the one to grab when heading out, either working, hunting or fishing. Dependable and easy to smoke I consider them a must have pipe in what ever shape one chooses and the low prices make them that much more desirable.
5 out of 5
Dr. Grabow pipes
Ninety percent of the pipes I smoke are Dr. Grabow. They are made in Sparta, NC, about forty miles from where I live. The Omega is by far my favorite.
5 out of 5
My favorite EDC pipe
this is a tough little pipe and has become my favorite EDC pipe. It's only flaw is the bend is a little hard to clean out with a pipe cleaner.
5 out of 5
great pipe for a good price. take it out in to the scary world...
I've had my Omega for a few months now. Its a fine pipe. quality is comparable to my high end pipes but its price means I feel ok with taking it out of the house and risk it out in the world. the stem was a little too small for a softy bit but I hope I'll be able to pick up a replacement when I need it. By the way, people call it a "P-lip" and I think this is a little wrong because the smoke hole is positioned conventionally. I think the P-lip angles higher. But I let the Peterson guys answer that.
3 out of 5
Update after 3 years
This was my first pipe ever and i don't use it anymore expect for decoration purposes. I'm not gonna argue about dr.grabow's quality here but even some of my corn cob pipes smoke better than this particular model.
Customer Testimonials
My favorite pipe so far! When I smoke others I have they seem not have taste this one has. Just all around good little pipe!
BW of Rolla, MO
Excellent pipe! Just like my father had.
JS of Altoona, PA
The Omega is a fine pipe for its price point. I purchased the smooth model and have been pleased with it. It's a filtered pipe, but you can easily go unfiltered. It doesn't quite provide the same consistency of release as my Stanwell, but I will reinforce that Dr. Grabow is as fine a product as you'll find for the <$50 price point. Pay attention to the instructions that accompany the pipe re: seasoning the briar through the use of half-bowls initially. Also, it's important to note that this pipe does not come with a carrying case or pouch as do some of the more expensive pipes. If you'll be traveling with this pipe, it's important to invest in some type of case.
JP of Beverly, MA
Just received my rustic omega today and it was everything I hoped for. Great look and size. Shipping time was also great. Thanks P&C JM- 540-VA
NL of Dublin, VA
I have owned the Omega for about 25 years now. I think it is very stylish and it holds just the right amount of tobacco for a nice 15 to 20 minute long smoke. I like it so much I have just ordered a second as my first is a bit overly seasoned.
TJ of Bay Minette, AL
This is an awesome pipe and holds the right amount of Baccy, I will be getting me another one.
NW of Statesville, NC
I have owned some Savinellis and the Dr. Grabow Omega in my honest opinion is just as good as one of those pipes especially for the price. The Omega has a p-lip similar to the Peterson. Also the stem isn't made out of Vulcanite. If you are allergic to Vulcanite and you like the p-lip, this pipes for you.
AR of Mission Viejo, CA
The Omega is, in almost every smoker's opinion, the best pipe available from Dr. Grabow. I own an Omega and I enjoy it greatly. It's a great smoker, has a decent-sized chamber, and looks lovely. I liked it so much, in fact, that I bought a second so I would have both the smooth and the rustic. You will almost certainly never find another pipe that costs so little that you will enjoy as much as the Omega; heck, you'll probably enjoy it more than some pipes that cost two and three times as much!
I was expecting the pipe to be a little larger and the bit is a little awkward in my opinion. Overall a nice little pipe for a quick smoke.
CM of Great Falls, SC
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