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Dr Grabow Royal Duke Pipes

Dr. Grabow Royal Duke pipes are 6mm Filter pipes with smaller bowls. They're super-light and because of the filter, they smoke remarkably dry. These pipes have been incredibly popular for many years, and are a favorite among the P&C Faithful.

Please note: Dr. Grabow Pipes are delivered in assorted dozens, so you may not get the exact pipe pictured. 

Dr Grabow Royal Duke Straight Rustic  Assorted-Straight (R)
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Dr Grabow Royal Duke Straight Rustic
Overall Rating3.6 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

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4 out of 5
Dr Grabow straight rusticated
I have only smoked out of Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes. (8 different models) I was debating on where to go on my next venture into pipe smoking. Figured I would try a briar, True meerschaum and a clay. With all the choices it is a daunting task but one day I was at my local tobacconist and he had a rack of Dr Grabow's. I turned the rack till one caught my eye. The Royal Duke straight rusticated. I have smoked 5 bowls as of yet and still in the break in process but it seems to be a quality pipe. The only thing that I'm not used to yet is the draft seems to be a little tight compared to my cobs but not overly restrictive. I am glad I made the choice to but the Dr Grabow pipe for my briar "test". Now I just need a meerschaum and a clay.
3 out of 5
Don't think it's worth the money.
Need a stem already, burns hot?
4 out of 5
old time favorite
Good smoking pipe
3 out of 5
Royal Duke pipe ... or ?
I like the plain Duke and the Grand Duke better. The Royal Duke has a very narrow passage in the stem and pipe cleaners buckle and wan't pass easy.
4 out of 5
Dr Grabow Royal Duke Pipe Straight
I love these pipes and have used them for years. However I am going to complain about the stems on these pipes. The last 2 pipes I bought lasted less than 6 months before the stems cracked and fell apart. The one I just bought less than a month ago already showing the same issue. Aside from that, they are great pipes. To Dr Grabow...use better materials in your stems please.
Customer Testimonials
This is my first Dr Grabow pipe and I am very happy with it! It smokes great! It looks nice too! It came "pre-smoked" which helps it break-in faster. The filters are nice to have in it because they absorb excess moisture. Not sure why some people look down on these pipes. It smokes just as well as my more expensive ones.
BW of Pomona, CA
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