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Dunhill Durbar

Dunhill Durbar is an Orientals-forward Latakia blend which has top-notch flue-cured tobaccos added to the base. It's a cool and complex blend with a bright, incense-like aroma and intriguing flavor.

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Overall Rating 4.75 out of 5 Based on 24 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Dunhill Durbar”

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5 out of 5
Good and smokey out of the tin. Upon burning, it subsides to a welcoming woodsy taste. Burns at a medium pace with good and steady flavor. A good fall blend. Will add to my rotation.
5 out of 5
Very fine tobacco. Stronger than
Very fine tobacco. Stronger than most Dunhill tobaccos, but does not bite.
5 out of 5
Durbar is a classic
Great English. Full flavor, smokey and powerful. Great every time and part of my rotation for years.
3 out of 5
Average smoke with a slight accent
I tried this blend on impulse. Not really a big hit for me. Not as tasty as I had expected, but it does have a pleasant sort of incense undertone. Will suffice for a change of pace but can't compete with my English favorites.
5 out of 5
Now a Favorite!
Now my personal favorite: very balanced flavor & strength, easy to light & keep lit, great right out of the tin. Flavor is Latakia-forward, with the other elements balanced well. Tastes like they started off with equal portions of everything, then added another portion of Latakia and carefully mixed it all well. The lack of the nearly de riguer Perique is welcome and the smoke does not suffer from the peppery note of the ghastly stuff. My first bowl (a nice Invicta Bulldog) lit thoroughly with a single match, and stayed lit almost to the bottom. It also seemed to burn more evenly with fewer hot spots in the bowl, and generating less overall heat than nearly every other tobacco I have smoked in the pipe. (A particular offender is the otherwise delightful Frog Morton's On The Town; a superb Syrian blend, but a bear to get to evenly burn in a pipe. I only savor the little I have left in a clay Churchwarden at home.) Finally, Durbar manages all these miracles right out of the tin. I broke the seal the evening before the first bowl to sniff it a bit, the closed the lid again, only opening it the next morning. Heavenly! I like a little variety, like most all of you do, but from now on, Durbar will always near me in quantity and easy reach! Enjoy--
5 out of 5
Nice mixture, my favorite
3 out of 5
Great quality, rubber taste...
Keeping in mind I mostly smoke aromatic tobacco this one isn't bad but isn't going to be a repurchase. I've been steadily breaking into English blends and non aro's in general such as this Durbar. I do enjoy the thin cut in this, it seems to pack and burn well. The strength builds and gives me a little head buzz towards the bottom of the bowl (not a negative). It's just the for lack of better words, I can only describe it's taste to something like how rubber smells. I don't hate it and I will smoke all of it, but it's flavor isn't for me. 3 stars because it's definitely a quality product, and even more so if that flavor is what you like. If you are a die hard aromatic guy, probably shy away from this one.
5 out of 5
A Fine English Blend
Typical English, ever present Latakia and the rest. Not as heavy as 965, yet full and smooth. A beautiful all day smoke if you like a tobacco with a lot going on, fuller than Early Morning, but smooth without a bite in the bowl.
5 out of 5
Smooth and elegant. Perfect for the morning with a cup of coffee
5 out of 5
Dunhill, what can you say!
I love smoking this, love the cut how it packs and the smoke is fantastic as you can only expect form Dunhill!
4 out of 5
Good tobacco
But not a great tobacco. The tin I had was hard to keep lit (didn’t matter if I dried it until it was crumbly or straight from the tin) and smoking resulted in a lot of dottle in the bottom of the pipes (multiple pipes used). Flavor was OK, but not anything to write home about. H&H Larry’s blend is a much better tobacco. I’ve got 2 more tins I’m going to let age to see if it improves.
5 out of 5
Another Dunhill successful blend
I am a big fan of Dunhill blends. Dunbar Mixture is right up there with Early Morning and Dunhill's Late Night blends. It sits somewhere in the middle in terms of strength and room note and has a sweetness that gives it a unique character. It is in my top five and worthy of a try if you enjoy English.
5 out of 5
Dublin Durbar
wow this new one is really amazing . Smooth , cold, and very impressive. I like it. Good job.
4 out of 5
Love it
My favorite Dunhill so far. Smooth. No sharp edges. Easy to smoke.
5 out of 5
Flavorful Substitute for 965
This tobacco delivers a very smooth, creamy, flavorful smoke. The smoke's aroma is full and sweet. A good substitution for 965 if one wants a slightly more oriental-forward, slightly less heavy smoke.
5 out of 5
One of my faves!
Excellent blend. Easy to light and smomes great. Reminds me of camp fires and long summer nights.
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
Now one of my favorites, cool, good mild flavor that gets bolder as you smoke.
5 out of 5
Comfort Tobacco
This is a thoroughly enjoyable smoke especially when smoked in a clay pipe. To me, it has a somewhat sweet nutty flavor with a hint of an oatmeal aftertaste. It has a minimal or negligible bite....very smooth. It also has a very pleasant and sweet aroma. It seems even better when left to age or dry out a bit. I really like this tobacco, particularly when smoked in a clay pipe.
5 out of 5
This is really excellent tobacco. A thoroughly enjoyable smoke.
5 out of 5
durbar is a close cousin to 965
I enjoyed the durbar as a close second to 965 which was my exclusive daily puff. It has an enjoyable flavor without the heaviness that the 965 leaves. I consider it a great all day smoke
5 out of 5
dunhill durbar
This pipe tobacco is great its kind of like a English blend but not to Smokey in fact mid bowl I would describe it as a creamy flavor with absolutely no bite room note is Smokey only way I can describe it is the smell of your clothes after a night of camping this blend will be staying in my rotation
5 out of 5
My favourite to date
I have searched for a tobacco that fit the taste of a 30 year cigarette smoker, and now I have THE ONE! This blend makes me throw the pack away and run for the bowl. Perfect medium note, strong flavor with endless depth, and bite-free from the first puff to the last. If there are better blends out there, I have yet to find them. Thank you P&C!
5 out of 5
Not so typical English tobacco.
A full bodied English mixture. Good smoking quality. I smoked it slowly and appreciated the experience.
5 out of 5
Excellent Service!
P&C always delivers great service. This order arrived on time, complete and packaged well as usual. No complaints.
Customer Testimonials
Beautifully smooth and tasty blend for those that love English although some would call it a "Balkan" I'm told.
My first bowl left me wondering - about three weeks later I had another bowl in afternoon then in evening. Two days later my third bowl and the tin quickly disappeared. I genuinely like Durbar and will keep always on hand.I highly recommend it.
A heavier Oriental blend with a good amount of Latakia that is perfect after a hearty meal or in the late evening. Smokes cool, starts out spicey and then mellows down the bowel. Highly recommended.
Well it is a Dunhill blend which mean the mix is very delicate and super well balanced. There are no defining flavors here just an English blend with mild taste. The Latakia is present but not overpowering in any way which makes for a pretty smooth smoke that might be lacking in fullness of flavor for a Latakia lover.