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Eileen 8 Cup French Press Miscellaneous
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Eileen 8 Cup French Press

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People everywhere are learning about what a great cup a French Press can make, and here's one that not only will maximize the flavor of your coffee, but will look great on the table, too - Bodum's Eileen 8 Cup French Press.
To make an outstanding pot of joe, just add your freshly-ground coffee (a coarse grind works best), pour in hot water (between 190 and 205 degrees for optimal results), let it steep and push down the plunger. Then you're ready to pour out some of the best coffee you've ever had. Because of its glass beaker and stainless steel outer shell, the Eileen 8 Cup French Press not only does a great job, but will stay sparkling clean because it's dishwasher-safe.

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