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Gawith & Hoggarth Bob
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Gawith & Hoggarth Bob's Chocolate Flake

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I don't know who Bob is, but Gawith, Hoggarth & Co.'s Bob's Chocolate Flake is intriguingly different and enjoyable. The bulk of this dusky flake is top-notch Virginia, with smaller amounts of air and sun-cured leaf. A condimental amount of Latakia is added to give it more body and it's finished with a cocoa and chocolate flavor before pressing and slicing into flake form. For a gentle-smoking blend with a unique flavor, pick up some G&H Bob's Chocolate Flake.

Overall Rating4.41 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gawith & Hoggarth Bob's Chocolate Flake”

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5 out of 5
Amazing 15 year old tobacco
I bought a pound of this back in 2005 for my cellar. Now that it's so hard to get I'm glad I did. I opened a jar today to see what the effect has been. The aroma of chocolate is faint, but the deep dark tobacco has that wonderful aged smell. Moisture was spot on and it rubbed out nicely. Lights and burns well. Thick smoke that isn't over powering in the room. Taste is velvety soft and smooth. The Virginias have really mellowed. The latakia is barely noticeably in the aroma and adds a nice depth to the taste. Smokes very very cool with no bite at all. The flavor is very complex and changes slowly thru the bowl. It's amazingly good and I'd say better than when I first tried it fresh. I have some Ennerdale of the same age and it stills has the lakeland aroma. Get some and age it for several years, it's a treat.
4 out of 5
An interesting smoke. The chocolate seems to be more of a room note and more like a chocolate incense. Not in a bad way, though. I enjoy it more through my charcoal filtered pipe than my balsa pipe. The charcoal filter filters out some of that floral taste. I've rubbed out the flakes and let it sit for a few before packing and didn't have a hard time keeping lit. I think it's a good tobacco that will make you ponder on the flavor.
3 out of 5
Bob chocalate flake
I like aromatic tabacco and this one in specific, to my don't have nothing of good room note. I good to smoke outside.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
For me its a down time smoke. It requires a larger heavy bowl pipe which means I have to sit to smoke it. That's just me. Nice flavor!
2 out of 5
Bob's Chocolate Flake
The soapy taste in this blend overshadows the nice flavors. Unfortunately the soapy flavor ruins this blend for me.
5 out of 5
It's Good Stuff
I bought a 2 oz bag of Bob's after reading reviews from folks on the Pipe groups on FB and such .. I am glad i did as soon after with $20 in P&C cash I bought 4 more ounces.. And quite frankly I am back here to get 4 more for my Christmas Bob's has quickly become my favorite daily smoke.. Its an odd duck with the flavoring but I love it.. Its good stuff.. Thank you P&C for everything...
3 out of 5
Not for me
Different opinion matters!!!but sorry to say, I didn't liked that much . When company defines Chocolate Flake then you should feel the taste of chocolate or it's chocolate ....but it's not.....
5 out of 5
Great tobacco
Smooth mild tobacco, great aroma, very little bite. One of my new favorites. Will be getting more soon!
5 out of 5
Jumped to one of my favorites!
This very quickly became a favorite of mine! Definitely not for everyone it has a very distinctive flavor and odor some hate it some like it I fall into the love it category if Ennerdale was to much of that flavor this is a step down with a light latakia it has so many flavors all at once and from what I have been told a pleasant room note by non smokers this should be tried at least once if you like it like me you will be buying it regularly p&c have always had it for me i may try the tin and see if it has any difference then the bulk but the bulk is perfect!
4 out of 5
Good stuff
I'm not a fan of most chocolate tobaccos but this is a pretty complex blend. Slight cocoa notes, but its there. Will add to my royation for sure!
5 out of 5
If you haven't tried it you definitely should
This is my new go to my absolute favorite tobacco I'm not an aromatic fan I love English which this is a light English but an amazing change of pace from every other blend I've had I can't get enough of this!
5 out of 5
Not a typical Aero
I don't smoke aeros, or rather i prefer not to smoke them. I would not consider this tobacco a typical aero. It has a light dash of latakia, and a wonderful lakeland seasoning. (like earl grey tea). Great tobacco, midway through the bowl it really all comes together. One of the few tobaccos that satisfies my sweet tooth and desire to smoke tobacco.
5 out of 5
Mellow smoking pleasure
Sublimely complex; completely satisfying
5 out of 5
Beautiful Lakeland Tobacco
This tobacco is a very good although mild example of the genre known as Lakeland. Wonderful flavors of dark chocolate and vanilla combine with scents of lavender, clove, and other florals on top of excellent quality pressed tobacco
5 out of 5
Very tasty blend, not usually a aro smoker but the coco and latakia in this makes it a very enjoyable smoke.
5 out of 5
Soap and Chocolate
If anything represents the past of England's Tobacco purity laws, Bob's Chocolate Flake is it. The first light tastes and smells of granny's lavender soap, mixed with the undeniable scent of chocolate. But once past the initial lighting, the tobacco takes on those smooth, chocolate notes of Bob's fame, which continue throughout to the bottom of the bowl. This tobacco is good enough for a dedicated pipe, and is one of my favorites.
4 out of 5
Smooth and full of flavor
I was hesitant to try this blend at first but I am so glad I did. It's one of the smoothest, richest flavored blends I have tried. It wonderfully combines the full flavor of smokey Latakia with the silky flavor of dark chocolate. It's a great cold weather or anytime blend. A. Boyd
Customer Testimonials
Overall, Bob's Chocolate Flake is a very enjoyable blend. The chocolate note is noticeable, but not overpowering. The taste is a medium bodied, rounded soapy chocolate milk sort of sensation. This blend has a smooth mouth feel. Not my favorite, but I'll definitely smoke some again.
RD of Saint Clair, MO
My only aromatic that I like. Not so much as tasting like chocolate. Just taste bright Virginia but has an awesome smell. Its a win win for me.
AW of dyer, TN
Rubbed it Out and Smoked it In my designated Lakeland cob. Toasted Powdered Coca flavor with awesome Virginia tobacco (Expect no less from GH&Co) I Imagine it would go great with strong English Tea or Espresso. If your looking for a more creamy Biscuity Chocolate go with GH&Co Scottish Flake Aromatic.
JE of Macon, GA
This is my favorite flake. Burns cool and slow with a hint of dark cocoa that's more savory than overly sweet.
KB of fridley, MN
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