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Gawith & Hoggarth Louisiana Flake Pipe Tobacco
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Gawith & Hoggarth Louisiana Flake

Gawith, Hoggarth & Co.'s Louisiana Flake is a Virginia flake with a nice helping of spicy-sweet Perique.  This is a  flake for the Va/Per fan that will burn cool and taste great no matter how hard you puff.  It's finished with a combination of flavors similar to that of Bob's Chocolate Flake that takes the potential sharpness of a Virginia/Perique blend. G&H Louisiana Flake is so unique that all pipe fanciers who like the genre should give it a whirl.

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Overall Rating3.33 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gawith & Hoggarth Louisiana Flake”

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5 out of 5
It's good
It's good
5 out of 5
like a cigar in your bowl
5 out of 5
Love it, my favorite but the 'Lakeland Essence' doesn't bother me.
The 'soap/floral' (Lakeland Essence) top note will either bother you or not (per these reviews). I no longer taste or smell it in the Louisiana Flake but I do in some other Gawith Hoggarth flakes (Scented Brown for example) but I enjoy them just the same. In my experience, guys fixate on the 'soap' and give up quickly when some patience might uncover a remarkable tobacco. Understood if you can't get past it but in my opinion, Gawith Hoggarth is the only company making VA flakes that remind of those from 30-50 years ago (yup, I'm a long tooth) and Louisiana Flake is my favorite.
5 out of 5
My must have
My favorite Va/per! not too sweet, no bite, burns well and taste great!! Love the cut as well.
5 out of 5
Louisiana Flake is Ambrosia
Louisiana Flake is ambrosia from 1st light to white ash. Only the highest quality tobaccos. Yeah, there is some cocoa topping in addition to the Perique, but I do not pick up on any soapy or floral essence in this luscious tobacco, friends. Those that say they do may just have bad memories of having tried GH Ennerdale.
1 out of 5
Not my type of tobacco
After learning that the FDA started prohibiting sampling of tobaccos at the tobacconist, the only way to find out about a tobacco is to buy it. I bought a small sample of Gawith & Hoggarth Louisianc Perique Flake after reading some reviews. To me it smelled of an old man's closet protected by mothballs. It was very strong and pungent. I had a couple smoking sessions. Perhaps it's due to my newness to pipe tobaccos, but it was too much. The flavor and scent were too unbearable for me. To add to it, After each session, I was more nauseous than normal. Overall, it was not a good experience. Coupling that with the sample of Dunhill's My Mixture, the scent permeated our storage area. Eventually, I had to throw both samples out because it made my wife and I ill just smelling it. This is definitely a tobacco for the veteran pipe smoker. My taste buds are still too intact to enjoy either mixture.
2 out of 5
Looks awesome, smells awesome in the pouch BUT.... Yes, folks. Its soapy on start up. No doubt about it. 4 puffs and knocked it out of the bowl. I detect subtle(not) nuances of Dove barsoap w/ a little bit of Dial. LOL I will keep it on the shelf and try again in 6 months. Maybe then it will appeal to me.
4 out of 5
Don't know what the others are complaining about, this stuff is good. Starts off with a little bit of a soapy flavor and then gets real smooth.
2 out of 5
Couldn't get over it.
I really tried to like this one. The pouch note is awesome, dark chocolate, and stewed prunes. The flake is quite wet but 20 minutes of drying took care of it. I roughly rub out flakes as to keep the flake intact but still slow it to burn well and had no problem doing that here. It packs well in the bowl. Here is where things go south. Upon lighting you are confronted by a cloying floral, soapy, baby powder smell that permeates your sinuses. It does finish with a seweet rich note that is pleasant. For the most part this is a great flake. I just could not get over the frontal assault on my nose from the overlying baby powder.
1 out of 5
G&W Louisana perique flake
didn't like it, sold all but 1 bowl full.
1 out of 5
Never say never, but...
I have smoked many Va/Per blends and never tasted one like Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Louisiana Perique Flake. Sorry but it is so offensive to me I hope to never enter into the realm of any tobacco with this flavor again!
4 out of 5
A long time ago, I tried a Virginia-Perique blend and didn't much care for it. P&C was off ut of my favorite Gawith, Hoggarth blend, so I ordered this on a hunch. Glad I did. No bite, nice all-day flavor. I'd always scoffed at the aficionados who bragged about being "VAPer" lovers, but I'm going to have to rethink my position because I guess I'm one, too.
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