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GL Pease Haddo
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GL Pease Haddo's Delight

GL Pease Haddo's Delight takes the Virginia/Perique genre and stands it on its head. Besides the sweetness provided by the Virginias and the Perique, a bit of unflavored black Cavendish is added to lend a subtly sweet depth. On top of that dark Burley is added for body and a touch of nuttiness. The entire package is finished off by a light topping to tie the flavors together. For many, Haddo's Delight is a staple to always keep on hand.

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Overall Rating4.1 out of 5 Based on 10 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “GL Pease Haddo's Delight”

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
The title says it all
5 out of 5
Really tasty
Good, strong blend with a plum brandy flavor. Plenty of vitamin N as well.
4 out of 5
A True Delight
Excellent tobacco. Great for an all day blend. Component tobaccos are of excellent quality, as with all Pease blends. Only thing preventing five stars is the fact that it is not a true vaper, or a true aromatic. It sits in the area between the two so it’s hard to categorize. However, as something unique to itself, it is certainly worth trying. I will purchase again.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Delicious Va/Per
An interesting take on the beloved Va/Per blends, that could certainly only come from the gifted mind of Mr. Pease. To me this a very satisfying smoke, borderlining on aromatic. Sweet Virginias with just the right amount of Perique. As others have noted, there is some sort of casing or topping of (I believe) rum. Mind you, it doesn’t get in the way - there’s plenty of natural tobacco to satisfy me, and I’m not a big fan of Aros. Anyone who hasn’t tried this unique Va/Per should give it a whirl. It’s in my Va/Per rotation, but as an occasional. What can really push Escudo to the side? Regardless, enjoy Haddo’s in its own right.
3 out of 5
Gl pease
I really enjoy Haddos delight.
2 out of 5
a simple review
Im not going to show off my literary knowledge in an effort to describe this blend. I simply dont care for it. I love vaper blends and I have a feeling I would enjoy this one as the tobaccos are appealing to the eye, have a nice cut and burn well. The most dominant flavor is the topping. I read a review somewhere describing it as a plum brandy which is what I get from it as well. Sometimes it comes across as grape soda. Its not that its terrible its simply too dominant for me. I feel like the harshness on the back of my throat is caused by the topping as well, not the tobaccos
5 out of 5
Smooth blend with excellent flavor
I'm not usually a big fan of VApers. But this blend doesn't have that spiciness that usually irritates my stomach the way some Perique blends do. It's very smooth and flavorful. I have no idea what the top flavoring is but it makes me think of dates and raisins. Highly recommended even for people who don't like aromatics.
3 out of 5
Once in a while
This is a good blend for the non aromatic lover to smoke around groups that may find non aromatics intolerable. Top flavor is not too strong, and no ''goopy'' quality to it. The tobacco strength is good enough to keep a heavy smoker satisfied . I was told, the room note was - ''smells ok''
Customer Testimonials
This is one of the most complex tobaccos I have ever smoked. The raisiny woodsy smell and bouquet of flavors was very overwhelming and engulfing, but the high strength left my head spinning, and slowing down was hard to do with such a perfect tobacco.
SD of Oklahoma City, OK
GLP's Haddo's Delight is a decent 'baccy that can be smoked all day or; as I prefer, after my midday meal. Pull a bowlful out about a half an hour or so before to let it air/dry out a bit to reduce relights. Not overly complex, but enough to keep it interesting.
DA of Fort Worth, TX
This is a very enjoyable perique blend with a fair amount of complexity. It has a nice aroma and smokes well. However, it's not my favorite perique and there are several that are less expensive that I think are better. Worth a try though if you like to sample different perique blends.
KR of Glen Burnie, MD
Who Is John Galt? GL Pease is... John Galt! Haddo's Delight is the Pentacle of Va/Per Bacci. Being a scholar of Aleister Crowley, & realizing the inspiration for this blend. Mr. probably do not realize, that Perdurabo got his blends from local blenders & that there is no telling from what tobacco these blends contained. Virginias, Burley's, A request for Rum Soaked...Who knows? Strong Peppery Perique's! Aleister Crowley would have smoked them. This blend is perfection in a tin, for those that are searching for the Perfected Virginia/Perique blend. Your Quest for the Holy Grail, has come to an end, as mine has. Smooth sweet raisin rum veiled in Strong pepper Notes...Transforming into a creamy Union at its finish. Until GL Pease divine's the Exact Magical Formula of To Mega Therion's mystical blend, Haddo's Delight is a must for the Perique explorer to experience for H(I)MSelf.
JE of Macon, GA
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