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GL Pease Maltese Falcon Pipe Tobacco
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GL Pease Maltese Falcon

GL Pease Maltese Falcon is a stout Latakia blend with a distinctive flavor. It's quite rich, with an undercurrent of sweetness that produces large clouds of thick and creamy smoke; a perfect blend for cool evenings. If you're a fan of deeply smoky Latakia blends, you'll want to keep some Maltese Flacon on hand.

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Overall Rating4.94 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “GL Pease Maltese Falcon”

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5 out of 5
Simply an excellent blend
Simply an excellent blend
5 out of 5
Outstanding English Blend
I love English blends, and this is one of my favorites. Great depth and mouth-filling body. As some have said; there's a "mystery" flavor in there, that is far more prevalent when smoked in a Meerschaum, but it's there even in a briar, but more elusive. If you were a fan of the Frog Morton series, give this one a try .... it might help scratch an old itch.
5 out of 5
There's Gold!
Just like in the Bogie film, you uncover the dark exterior of the bird and find there's gold underneath. This is contemplating tobacco that is perfect to, well, as one review said, "Smoke while listening to [his favorite pastor's] sermons." It is my favorite blend, so don't go buying up all of it.
5 out of 5
Almost a perfect English!
This one is well rounded and has such a wonderful rich creamy smoke. A little wet in the can, so I let mine dry a bit before I light it up, and when I do I happily sit back and relax. Perfect amount of Latakia that brings back many memories of sitting by camp fires and lighting up slash piles on the ranch. This one is my favorite out of the many I enjoy, and when it comes up in my rotation I get excited all day knowing that after dinner I have this waiting for me. If you like English, this one has a rich complex nature that doesn't bite and certainly comforts. If you are on the fence, give this one a try. You'll be hooked.
5 out of 5
Quickly my favorite Latakia.
After reading the reviews here, I decided to try a 2 ounce can. All I can say is I quickly bought up the last can PnC had in stock, and went on the waiting list to be notified when it was again in stock. I am a latakia fan, and this tobacco is simply a pleasure to smoke. I rotate about 4 tobacco's (I smoke one bowl a night) and always look forward to Maltese night. Smokey, smooth, rich, soft on the palate, great room note (my wife loves it) and as stated in another review, a little wet right out of the can. I just purchased two 8oz cans, one for now and one for the cellar. If you are on the fence with this one, it is worth the try. There is a reason this one sells out and all of us who love it know why. Wonderful tobacco.
5 out of 5
Welcomed surprise.
My tin is almost empty but I still go to this about every third day. Last night I lit it up and my wife turned to me and said, 'Wow! That really smells good!' I was pleased because that means I can smoke it inside during the winter! This is a wonderful English, and another reviewer used the perfect word for it: Creamy. Easy smoke, great taste, great room note and simply a pleasure to have around. I was lucky enough to get the last 2oz can, but would love to get a couple of 8 oz for the cellar. If you like Latakia, this is a great addition to your rotation.
5 out of 5
I loved it. Great smoke, great flavor, really enjoyable anytime. Will definitely be getting more in the future.
5 out of 5
Was not a disappointment.
Pipe smoking is a journey taken by each individual looking for little pockets of paradise that appease their tastes. As I've tried different tobacco's I either knew I was on a wrong road or on a road with promise. I found that my tastes lean towards Cyprian Latakia, so when I read the reviews (I always read the reviews), I knew I had to give this tobacco a try. Out of the can - pretty standard. Wasn't sure it was going to impress or disappoint. Char light was difficult, but not because of the tobacco. My lighter was going on strike. Got it lit, sat back in my rocking chair in the porch and tuned in Pastor Allistair Begg (my nightly ritual). Watched the sun set on the mountain by my house, listening to the birds at dusk, dog and cat sleeping at my feet. All of this got overshadowed by the pipe I was holding. The Latakia comes right out of the gate, but doesn't slap you in the face. It is a gentle introduction that blends so well with the orientals. Half way down, the orientals took first position, but when I looked, the latakia was still there, supporting the complexity of the tobacco. It stayed lit all the way through, and I was very disappointed when the bowl was done. It was an absolute pleasure to smoke, brought memories of soft campfires, good times, gentle days. This tobacco instantly became a best friend, and deserves to be in any latakia lover's cellar. It will always be in mine, and I look forward to sitting with it again in the near future. For reference, I also like Hearth and Home Sweet and Smoky and Blackhouse. If anyone has any Latakia suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them. Pipe smoking is a journey, and the more friends along the way the better. God bless...Jim
5 out of 5
My go to English
My go to English
5 out of 5
The movie was good, the tobacco is better.
I ordered a half pound of this on a whim with a half pound of my favorite tobacco. Opened both and this was empty weeks before my favorite. I like it a lot. What a Balkan should be. The smoke texture felt like cream on my pallet. This becomes one of those always buy tobaccos.
5 out of 5
very good mellow English blend
very mellow good all day smoke
5 out of 5
Very good (medium) English Blend. The Orientals don't really come out until halfway through the bowl. The first third of the bowl is mostly Latakia with a slight sweetness from the Virginias. The second third of the bowl simmers down and I could taste the Orientals and the Virginias more. It finished off pretty smooth with a fine-grey ash. It is smokeable straight from the can, but is a little moist and needs some dry time. After a week it is pretty good, but after sitting in a mason jar for a month or two it is outstanding. The only two problems I had with it were: it was hard to keep lit straight from the new can, and it tasted so good I was puffing like a freight train! It burned cool even with heavy puffing.
5 out of 5
Just about my favourite tobacco.
This is tobacco that made me fall in love with Latakia blends.
5 out of 5
The falcon soars!
This is an exceptional blend. It's perfectly balanced between its component parts, and is very complex. It seems that each time I smoke a bowl, I notice different aspects of the flavor. It's pretty full, but also an easy, smooth smoke. An exotic, smokey, sweet, bright and creamy latakia blend with notes of citrus and herbs. As ridiculous as this sounds, this tastes like a blend that should be called Maltese Falcon. Smoke it yourself to see if that makes any sense to you. It's obvious that GL Pease puts a lot of thought and care into his blends, and this is a good example of his skill. I'm a tobacco bigamist, but I make sure to crack my jar of this at least once a week.
4 out of 5
A smoke with some dimension
Dynamic & well blended.
5 out of 5
Windy conditions
i love this tobacco it is extremely full bodied, yet light enough to be smoked all day. I purchased some, but it blew away in a storm. I was eagerly awaiting its arrival, but I guess I'll have to buy some more again.
5 out of 5
You won't know , if you don't try it..
smokey .. smoothe .. creamy .. this is on the bigger end of the english spectrum .. often overlooked .. this is excellent stuff .. get it before you can't .
5 out of 5
A trip to the Orient
Wonderful GLPease. Full bodied Latakia and Oriental deserving of one of my favorite old pipes. A buttery, nutty, musty, leathery nose taking me to an open oriental market with all its smells and diversity. Not aromatic, smoke for yourself and not a new pipe or pallet. Thank you Mr Pease. I will keep this one in the baker's cabinet!
Customer Testimonials
I think this is a hidden gem that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Smoky latakia, a floral note to the taste, sweetness, and I personally think the "secret spice" is ginger, and you get some pepperiness. This is a pleasure to smoke. MF either equals or surpasses any englishes I have had to date. If you haven't had Maltese Falcon, what on earth are you waiting for?
ND of Morristown, TN
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