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Golden Triangle Collection

Golden Triangle Tins Now Available Individually for a Limited Time!

The Golden Triangle Collection is the best way for you to clearly see the differences in the special varietal Periques that Russ Ouellette had the opportunity to work with. To be able to detect the variation in the different growing regions, Russ created a mellow blend of bright Virginia and toasted Burley as a base, and the same amount of each of the four varietal Periques is added in exactly the same proportions. You'll be able to taste the nuances of each type and compare them clearly with this collection. To round out the uniqueness of this sampler, we're including a tin of straight St. James Perique for you to try in your own blends. For many years, the only commercially available Perique has been Acadian Perique, which is blended with Perique-processed dark air-cured tobaccos, but this is the real deal, made only from Perique tobaccos grown in the Golden Triangle.

South Vacherie - Exhibits distinct espresso notes with an herbal character with hints of white pepper - complex.

Paulina - Flinty, with a coffee note. Has a peppery sourness that you'll feel toward the back of your palate.

Belmont - Buttery, salty notes of brined olives with a bit of fruitiness, and some cayenne pepper on the finish.

Grand Point - Winey fruitiness with a bit of cocoa and sweet baking spices.

St. James Perique - This is the real deal! 100% straight St. James Perique without the addition of Acadian Perique. Pure St. James Perique hasn't been offered for sale in well over a decade. Absolutely incredible as a blending component.

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1.75 Ounce Tin In Stock $18.75
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Golden Triangle Paulina Sale Shipping Constraints
1.75 Ounce Tin In Stock $18.75
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Golden Triangle Belmont Sale Shipping Constraints
1.75 Ounce Tin In Stock $18.75
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Golden Triangle Grand Point Sale Shipping Constraints
1.75 Ounce Tin In Stock $18.75
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2 out of 5
St. James Perique blend
The St. James perique was a very disappointing tin of tobacco. I have purchased perique tobacco in bulk in Louisiana and although this was the dark, earthy, spicy tobacco I expected, it was soaking wet in the tin. Not overly humid but wet. The top of the tobacco had either a non biologic bloom or exudate or mold that I removed. The paper disc under the pleated paper wrap was put on in a sloppy, folded manner and it too was wet and stained. Not a good way to treat a potentially good tobacco for blending.
5 out of 5
Golden Triangle - A Great Experiment
If you want to see what perique is like and get a good handle on how it works in a blend, the Golden Triangle set of five tins is a great way to get started. I'm not a big perique smoker, except for my own blend of perique and cigar leaf but I do like a challenge and I like to learn all I can about tobaccos. And boy, did I learn! I have tried several different tobaccos labeled as perique but the Golden Triangle stuff is quite different, in a good way. When smoking straight perique, one may get a bit fatigued toward the end of the bowl. Not so with the perique in this set. It is quite smooth with a little pepper and only a hint of the fruitiness often found. Any experienced pipe smoker should have no trouble smoking this straight. But even better, blend it with something! The four blends provided give one a great illustration of what perique can do for a blend. One note, however: take it easy with these blends, not because of any tongue bite (I experienced none) but because some of the variations in the blends are subtle. If you're used to smoking hard and fast, don't. You will be likely to miss some of the nuances that really set the blends apart. I recommend the Golden Triangle to anyone who enjoys perique blends or to anyone who wants to find out what perique is all about.