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Hearth & Home Mid-Town Chestnut Pipe Tobacco
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Hearth & Home Mid-Town Chestnut

Hearth & Home Mid-Town Series Chestnut is a traditional American-English blend made of mellow Burleys, sweet Virginias, smooth Maryland, hearty Kentucky, exotic Turkish and smoky Latakia. It's modest in flavor, yet surprisingly complex. Despite the use of costly tobaccos, Chestnut remains very affordable.

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Overall Rating4.09 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Mid-Town Chestnut”

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5 out of 5
A Different Kind of Review
After smoking for 40 years, I switched over to Vaping seven years ago. I began extracting my own tobacco flavors three years ago (cold maceration). I must admit I was a little hesitant on this one as I am not a fan of English style Latakia blends, but reading a few reviews convinced me to give Mid-Town Chestnut a try. I am quite pleased I did. This is a complex yet inoffensive blend where no single tobacco stands over the other. The Virginia adds a touch of sweet to the Burley, Kentucky and Maryland base, while the Turkish gives it a certain amount of body. The Latakia is only noticeable on the exhale, giving this selection a slight 'licorice' aftertaste. This is an excellent after dinner vape, while others might see it as an "All-Day Vape". If this selection smokes anywhere near as well as the xtracted flavor vapes, then this should be considered a 'must try'. It has earned a well deserved spot in my rotation.
5 out of 5
Great all day smoke
This blend has become my new favorite all day smoke. It has the composition of a codger or drug store blend, but with some quality ingredients that give it added value. The Latakia is present but not in your face, and the Maryland gives it a nice sweetness and thick smoke. I went ahead and bought the tub. Totally worth it for the price!
4 out of 5
H@H Chestnut
A very pleasant smoke
5 out of 5
Love it
Love it
5 out of 5
Good Tobacco
A very nice American English, has a good flavor, and is made of top quality tobaccos...Thanks Russ, for another job well done!!!
4 out of 5
Just right
Not to much Latakia just right, great all day smoke.
4 out of 5
An acceptable English style blend
An acceptable English style blend similar to Walnut. Needs something extra to make better, maybe Latakia (more Latakia) or some oriental.
5 out of 5
A Very Pleasing Smoke
I'm primarily a Burley man having been weaned on OTC blends when I took up the pipe over 50 years ago. Somewhere along the way I took a liking to English blends as a change from the OTC blends I was smoking. Then I discovered P&C's Match Walnut. This blend satisfied my craving for an English blend (albeit a very mild English) with a room note that wouldn't have angry villagers run me out of town. I decided to order a larger amount but it wasn't available at the time. So, I decided to order a tub of Chestnut. I'm glad I did. I don't remember what the original Walnut blend was like but Chestnut is very close to the Match Walnut that I tried. It satisfies my English craving. It's naturally sweet but not overpowering with a room note that keeps the villagers at bay. Mild with no bite and burns well right to the bottom of the bowl. The moisture content was perfect. It can easily be an all day smoke but I like it best when I sit down in the evening to relax. It probably will never replace Granger as my main tobacco but is a great alternative and a very pleasing smoke.
2 out of 5
For novice pipe smokers
Not impressed at all, not even close to the original "WALNUT" blend of yesteryear despite the claims. However if you enjoy burley blends you might care for this CHESTNUT blend.
5 out of 5
A sure goto tobacco
I have been a loyal customer here at p&c for a few years now..i try a bunch of different tobaccos to find my niche...I love the heavy latakia blends like larrys and HGL...I enjoy the complexity of verginias and dark fired kentuckeys like Orlic dark strong ,El nino,Newminster round slices,Stanwell Jubilee.Then i have that sweet spot where i like Lane BCA,RLP,and capt black reg...Each have their moment in time....This blend Chestnut puts all that together for me...An all day blend for sure...
2 out of 5
I expected a mild latakia blend with added flavors, maybe PA or CH plus spice and latakia (all of which I enjoy). Instead, I got a harsh blend with sour and bitter notes, tongue bite (not burn), and a coarseness in the throat like I get from Velvet. However, it burned well and there was a hint of latakia. I tried briar and cob with similar results. I added virginia, and it reduced the sourness and bitterness, but the bite was still there. I added black cav which reduced the bite but also the latakia flavor. Not sure what to try next. I bought a full tub on sale based on reviews, my mistake. For a lighter blend, I'll just continue to add some virginia and black cav to Proper English, Match BSOSM, other basic latakia blend.
3 out of 5
Very weak chestnut aroma, almost not noticeable at all
Pretty good tobacco, I know it is a non-aromatic but I expected it would have a more distinct chestnut aroma and it just didn't. Personally I would not buy again but for the English smokers you may enjoy this more.
5 out of 5
Spot on!
Over time, Middleton's Walnut became my go to smoke and I was sad to see it go. In my opinion, Chestnut is a spot on match! Thank you P&C!
3 out of 5
Simple pleasant smoke. A very very light English blend, compared to those from Dunhills and Petersons. Probably because only a pinch of Latakia is added.
Simple pleasant smoke. A very very light English blend, compared to those from Dunhills and Petersons. Probably because only a pinch of Latakia is added.
5 out of 5
An old Philadelphia love affair
I've really fallen in love with this blend, which is a good thing since I bought a tub. I never got to try Walnut but I suspect this to be a slightly upscale version of it anyway. A lot of kitchen sink blends seem to muddle the flavors but not so with Chestnut. If smoked slow it's a remarkably rich and complex offering with hints of smoke, cream, maple, and brandy, or some sort of sweet liquor. Very unique.
1 out of 5
Not Again
I do not like this tobacco at all. Very harsh, with an almost chemical taste and does not burn well.
5 out of 5
Mid Town Series - Chestnut
This is the best tobacco of its type that I have tried. It's heavy on burley but does not bite, and has just enough latakia to make it interesting. The addition of dark-fired Kentucky adds a richness that I think everyone will enjoy. This is a great tobacco to enjoy after an evening meal.
5 out of 5
Instant Popularity
I bought this for a friend. Whenever he visited me, I let him fill up his pipe with some of my Chestnut. He was so pleased by it that he said he had to order some. I beat him to it, and gave it to him as a birthday present. He smokes it all the time now. Everybody who has tried my Chestnut likes it immediately. It's perfectly balanced among all its constituent tobaccos, has no bad characteristics, and is an ideal all-day smoke.
4 out of 5
This is a very good blend. Something I will smoke from time to time. Not my favorite, though. Predominantly a burley blend.
5 out of 5
in short this is a remarkable American English tobacco. Medium strength, excellent arona and room note. Does not bite. No goop. This right amount of latakia makes this a good tobacco any time of day. I will buy again.
4 out of 5
Medium English Blend
Fairly good medium English Blend. Fairly smooth. Pretty good taste. Not super baccy, but really good for this price range.
5 out of 5
Chestnut is the one....
I had been a dedicated smoker of Middleton Walnut. You can imagine my dismay when it vanished.. But my dismay was short lived. H&H Midtown Chestnut is so close to the old Walnut that it is scary. It is a perfect, tasty blend that is an ideal mid-day and evening smoke.
3 out of 5
Easy smoking
Easy smoking American-English kitchen sink blend. Contents of tub in excellent condition.
Customer Testimonials
Received very dry
BT of Sugar Land, TX
Good stuff! Should be a great "introduction" to latakia for the uninitiated. Just enough smokiness without dominating the blend. Smooth and tasty with enough complexity to keep your interest.
MM of Metropolis, IL
The third of the series for me. I've enjoyed Andrew and Chatham as stalwarts in my OTC heavy tobacco rotation. Chestnut is the most 'tin like' in its complexity. A beautiful mixture of color and texture, you can taste a hint of latakia which seems to smooth this blend of premium burleys, VA, Maryland, KY and Turkish tobaccos. It loads and burns perfectly, and tastes great too!
MW of Ocala, FL
Far back in 1952, when I entered the University of Pennsylvania as a freshman, the campus bookstore had a counter display of Walnut, which was almost the mandatory tobacco for all the fraternity men and other university leaders of the time. In those happy days before political correctness, you could smoke all day, right through your classes, as did the professors also. I immediately took up pipe smoking and have continued it ever since. Walnut was my steady smoke all through college and for many years thereafter, so I can testify that Chestnut is a remarkably faithful re-creation of the tobacco which virtually defined a Philadelphian in the Fifties. Russ has as usual hit the nail right on the head. Chestnut is incredibly smooth and never bites, yet it is never boring, due to the complexity of its many constituent tobaccos. Thanks for bringing back so many pleasant memories, which after all is what pipe smoking is all about.
RS of Richmond, VA
Just received my shipment today, and Chestnut was in the pack. Best way to describe this blend: slightly sweet, slightly smokey with a faint floral note. Nice interplay between Virginia's and Lakatia which doesn't overwhelm but rather enhances the experience. Nice room note. If you like Virgianas then Chestnut will satisfy. Personally I like Light English and Burley blends. A nice change of pace and highly recommended.
JF of Pierre, SD
A great change of pace and departure from the run of the mill English blends. Slightly sweet and smoky with a faint floral note. Very pleasant room note. Any pipe smoker will enjoy this. I like the interplay between the Virginia's and Lakatia. Virginia smokers will like how it shines through, while the Kentucky, Maryland and Turkish keep everything in check. I usually smoke Burleys and Light English, but this a very rewarding find. Great job, Russ!!
JF of Pierre, SD
Wonderful to have this classic back! As far as I can tell this is a dead ringer for the origional. Many Thanks!
CD of Bristol, CT
Very nice. There is definitely a Latakia presence, but it is balanced out by the other tobaccos. Sufficiently complex, but not overwhelming.
TE of Roswell, NM
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