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Hearth & Home Signature Berry Nice Pipe Tobacco
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Top quality Green River toasted black Cavendish is steamed with the essence of wild berries, black currant and blackberries to make Hearth & Home Signature Berry Nice a standout among aromatics. The aroma is outstanding and will draw compliments from everyone. The cool smoke allows a subtly sweet berry flavor to come through and is not wet or goopy.

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Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Berry Nice”

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Love this blend! As I'm new to the pipe community great blend. It's calm just perfect, good for around people good comments
NJ of Boonville, IN
Ok I really liked this one, the smell out of the tin it smelled like a berry car scents. The only thing is maybe out of a new tin dry it up a little so you don't relight. My wife liked the smell, she said it smelled like plum pie which is weird because I was getting baked boysenberry pie. If you are on a diet smoke this for dessert and that will save you from wanting a slice of pie.
AV of Fullerton, CA
This was an interesting blend. It tastes just like it smells but with an aftertaste that i can only describe as bar soap. That being said its still a great blend and i am still getting more of it next order.
BG of Brewerton, NY
Love the flake cut, it's a little bit too sweet for me...I mix it with Frenchie's Sonzabitches tobacco and it balances out just fine for me
JH of Oneonta, AL
I must say this is some great stuff. It has a sweet, smooth taste with a hint of berry. I thought the berry taste came through just fine! This burns good for me but I smoke hot and fast. There is no bite at all so to me this is a really fine smoke. This might be one of my favorites I just ordered some more!
RJ of Pocahontas, IA
Still searching for a nice berry aro, and think I found it here. Ready to smoke upon delivery, and not too moist at the bottom of the bowl. Not so zingy on the tongue, and the sweetness wasn't over-powering. Nicely done!
RK of Ava, MO
A great aromatic with nice flavor and a very good room note.
TD of West Glover, VT
EXCELLENT I plan on monthly delivery orders.
LS of Cheyenne, WY
Was disappointed with this tobacco. Not sure if it was because I bought it in bulk or not, but I had no distinct berry flavor at all. I could smell it when I opened the bag, but never came thru in the smoke. I don't want to buy the tin and have the same result, so guess this is not for me.
SS of Monroe, OH
My wife loves the smell!!
JB of hotsprings, SD
Very intense tin aroma. Almost candy-like. I usually don't go for fruity aromatics, but the description intrigued me. So with some trepidation, I filled a small meer to try it out at first. Very black and clearly heavily topped, it is not sticky or overly wet for an aromatic. I can really taste the berry and black currant while smoking. Wife comments the room note is very hookah-like, but in a pleasant way. Rich, pleasant amounts of smoke and burns to a fine ash. Very mild with no bite, but also very little tobacco taste or aroma. Certainly one to smoke around others. Leaves a slick, somewhat floral aftertaste, the flavor and aroma stays with you throughout the bowl developing evenly to the bottom of the bowl. Finish is slightly tart with overtones of port wine. Overall, this is a high-quality, mild, balanced and tame aromatic. A nice departure for me, and highly recommended for new aromatic smokers. I will likely keep this in occasional rotation.
VA of Reva, VA
it is a very nice smoke. was very pleased
BS of Emmett, ID
This is an exceptional tobacco. It tastes and smells delicious. I have put it on my favorite list. My only problem is that it is a dry tobacco and burns quickly, which means my smoke is short. I usually have plenty on hand so I just start over. It does burn complete and has no "end" taste like some tobacco. I just wish it could be a bit more moist.
EH of Newton Falls, NY
It's very sweet and flavorful, though at the same time I almost got what I would consider a "soapy" flavor from it, though overall it's nice and I do recommend it if you want that fruity flavor.
BC of Monument, CO
Hearth & Home Signature Berry Nice is a pretty good tobacco. It is almost like a dessert without eating something. It is sweet to taste and the smoke has a sweet smell. I will buy this again
DS of Bluefield, VA
An Amazing smell when you open it. Fresh, not dry and not so moist that it is sticky, but a perfect consistency. The aroma is beautiful, even more than I thought would be possible. After lighting the smell is just as great, and the taste is just as the aroma. All I have shared it with could not believe it.. Definitely a steady order of this will be coming my way.
MH of Decatur, TX
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