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Hearth & Home Signature Frenchy
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Hearth & Home Signature Frenchy's Sunzabitches Sale

Frenchy's Sunzabitches is a robust blend of sweet Virginias, bold, dark Burley, lots of tangy Perique and a bit of unflavored black Cavendish. To add to the complexity and to give the blend a pleasant room note, a splash of Bourbon is added. This long-time favorite among Hearth & Home customers is hearty enough to be the perfect after dinner blend.

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Overall Rating3.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Frenchy's Sunzabitches”

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4 out of 5
Even a Jerk Can Make For Fine Company
Unique VaPer to say the least. Its overall humor is dark, spicy, and gently sweet. The Perique really leads in the flavor with the Burley showing of secondary importance. This medium-full blend demonstrates a nice degree of charisma and appealing complexity. Specifically, there is considerable movement in the characterization as the differing elements. This interesting divergence in colorfulness has Frenchy’s Sunzabitches living up to its exaggerated namesake throughout the entirety of the bowl. Furthermore, the blend tends to evolve richness with the progression of time and continuous stoking. It shows evidence of a consistent embellishment attributable to the presence of caramelized bourbon that resounds in a malty wave-like pattern. Very interesting look to the tobacco as well.
3 out of 5
Not bad but not great.
This tobacco is all right, but not anything to write home about, at least for me. The pouch aroma is nice and the cut looks appealing but I think the cut makes it burn unevenly. I let it dry and tore it up a bit more but I had to relight it quite a bit. The flavor is nice but nothing outstanding. Nice hint of whiskey flavor and Burley sweetness and Virginia tang. I saw a review elsewhere that said they'd rather smoke H&H Classic Burley Kake than this, and I agree. And if I want something with a whiskey flavor and aroma, I've had better luck with C&D Pennington Gap and Peterson's Irish Whiskey. Glad I tried this but I don't think I'll order more, as there are other tobaccos that scratch this itch better for me.
Customer Testimonials
This tobacco is outstanding and I love the name...I flavored some of it with a bit of Jack Daniels...that was a treat as well. I will soon order more Smokey
JH of Oneonta, AL
I could only smoke half a bowl, because the tobacco arrived too dry. It had the moisture of pencil shavings. The half bowl I smoked tasted really good, I'll rehydrate and try again.
RB of Lufkin, TX
This is nice. As a former National Level Beer Judge (Acetomenophen clobbered my liver), I can tell you the aroma is exactly that of a fermenting ale. Damn good smoke, but that can aroma brings back some wonderful memories.
JW of Wurtland, KY
This stuff is wonderful! What a flavor! A very satisfying smoke after a meal or any other time. I am really impressed with this blend and will be stocking more soon.
SN of Hempstead, TX
When I first opened the bag, I was unsure about this one; the cut is a fairly thick sort of cross cut and I wondered how well that would burn and the pouch note was a little tangy. It was great though - only had to relight once for a 2 hour smoke (I used a big pipe)! The flavor is wonderful, nice and spicey especially through the nose. It's not as strong as I expected from the description but there's enough there to know you're smoking something substantial. I'll reorder when I'm low!
ND of Boiling Springs, SC
A pleasing smokeing experience. It is working its way into my daily routine
ME of odenville, AL
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