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Hearth & Home Signature Grandma
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Hearth & Home Signature Grandma's Kitchen

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Grandma's Kitchen is a blend for those who want real tobacco flavor and a smooth aroma. Nutty sweet Burleys are combined with the mellow spice of red Virginia, two natural toasted black Cavendishes, and a bit of a vanilla-based steamed black Cavendish. This tasteful, cool blend delivers real tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness, and a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma.

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A good transitional blend. It is just in-between a full aromatic and a classic American blend (non-aromatic). Also a good example of a burley strong blend. If you want to move beyond aromatics in your journey to pipe tobacco nirvana, this is a good first step to non-aromatics. Just enough sweetness to give you cover, but you get a good taste of the tobacco (in this case, the burley is dominant). I personally like to go aromatic, or English, or American and not go "hybrid"; however, I gave it a try, and it was a nice change of pace.
JB of Ladonia, TX
Grandma would not have me smoke this blend in her kitchen, but it’s a great choice for the porch or patio. Strong (but not overpowering), this blend is a bit rustic in its flavor, reminiscent of forgotten farms on country backroads. This blend is born from the feeling you get when you motor down some two-lane highway and you see that lone chimney standing in an overgrown field where once a home stood – it’s melancholy, affectionate and honest. It’s leaps and bounds away from the angry periques and others that bite and scratch the smoker, but a bit too potent to puff around uninitiated guests who are more sensitive to the room note of a pipe. And it may seem redundant, but I’ve also found this blend to be a bit “smokier” than some – that is, it lingers longer and seems thicker as it curls from the bowl. For someone who likes to sit by the low glow of a lamp and watch the patterns the smoke adopts as it flows from the bowl (as I do), this isn’t a bad quality, but one to take into account if sneaking a smoke in the house before the wife gets home or before you’re going to have other passengers in your car. Either way, I would definitely order this blend again, if only because I’m fond of where it takes me.
AM of Winston, GA
I like sweet tobacco and it is not what I expected. I may be very good for more experience smoker, but I found it to be a bit bitter and dry.
EH of Newton Falls, NY
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