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Hearth & Home Vermont Meat Candy Pipe Tobacco
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Hearth & Home Vermont Meat Candy

Vermont Meat Candy combines two great flavors - maple and bacon. We start with a Cavendish that's been given a deep, sweet maple flavor and then we added dark Kentucky that's been fire-cured with hickory wood, which delivers the flavor and aroma of hardwood-smoked bacon. Just think about those Sunday mornings when you'd dip your bacon into the syrup from your pancakes and fell in love with the sweet, smoky and salty flavor. Now you can have that flavor without the calories or cholesterol!\

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Overall Rating4.24 out of 5 Based on 55 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Vermont Meat Candy”

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3 out of 5
It’s ok , I don’t smoke it all the time but it was great this morning after my eggs, sausage and bacon
5 out of 5
Great smoke, one of the
Great smoke, one of the best , no bite, great taste. I will definitely order more.
5 out of 5
One or our Favorites to Blend
If you've never had Vermont Meat Candy mixed half and half with Boswell's "Sweet Dreams," You've got a treat in store for you IF you enjoy a smooth, sweet smoke once in awhile. Our group of pipe puffin pastors LOVE this blend. But it starts with this treat from Hearth and Home. Enjoy!
5 out of 5
Ages remarkably well.
I bought a half pound of Vermont Meat Candy in March of 2020. I smoked a a few bowls initially, and then it's sat in the cellar for the past two years. When I first smoked it, I was impressed with the sweetness and maple flavor, the "bacon" was difficult to detect and it bit a little. I just revisited it today, and the two years of aging has significantly improved the overall flavor profile. It's not biting at all now, and the maple has been toned down a bit. Now I can taste the bacon. It not an in your face bacon, but it's now making its presence known. I plan on buying a pound of it, and laying it down in the cellar, while I continue to smoke what I already have on hand. This is a very good quality tobacco, that will boggle your mind,
5 out of 5
The perfect aromatic!!!
This may be one of the greatest aromatics of all time. Imagine eating pancakes and taking your high quality fatty smoked bacon and dipping it into thick dark amber Vermont maple syrup. It’s incredible: sweet, smokey, and fatty. This is an all out aromatic, it’s not a crossover, it’s not looking to be anything other than what it is, delicious. The nice thing is that it’s incredibly balanced, not over the top and the tobacco is clearly not garbage quality. Sometimes I even take a little and add it to other items; need more nicotine? add dark fire Kentucky; need more Latakia? Add some English to it…’s an amazing smoke on its own and also works as a fantastic condiment when you want just a touch of sweetness. I love this blend. I have 2 lbs cellared. And I will likely cellar another 2 lbs.
4 out of 5
Good aromatic all together, bad
Good aromatic all together, bad thing is that maple was present in scent of bag but not much present in taste but sometimes was, the burley was good and nutty and blend was altogether sweet and satisfying
5 out of 5
Sweet Stuff
This tobacco smokes very well for such a tasty aromatic. The flavor is outstanding. The maple and bacon are present from first light all the way through. This is definitely in my top 5 aromatics!
5 out of 5
very tasty
My son, whom I am buying this tabacco for says "mom, tell them it's very tasty" We've been customers for about a year now. We like your merch.
3 out of 5
Aromatics not my "cup of tea", but...
This is a very unique aromatic. It does have a meaty taste with candy sweetness. I am normally a VaPer smoker, especially if its in a flake or Navy cut. This is a ribbon cut and it is very high quality leaf (it is not loaded with broken leaf and dust). I enjoyed the smoke which was cool and tasty. However, as true with so many aromatics it tends to get wet and gooey towards the bottom of the bowl. Also, it is rather one dimensional in terms of taste, with little development of other "notes" as smoked. Bottom line, a very good aromatic which delivers on a meaty sweet taste with some of the short comings of an aromatic that bug me.
5 out of 5
Add some more Dark Fired Kentucky!
I came back to share something fantastic. I added about 20% Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired Kentucky to some Vermont Meat Candy...... Now here's your Bacon! It's much more smokey than straight Meat Candy, and is even more delightful and delicious! You can buy the HH Dark Fired leaf in bulk form, very reasonably. Give it a try, I think you will like it!
5 out of 5
A very nice smoke.
I tried a bowl full at a friends house a while back, and really liked it, so I bought 8ozs of it to have a bunch on hand. I've had a chance to get to know this blend now, and I'm very fond of it. I have a very large celler, and this is the only aromatic that I have (it's just that good). I've been smoking it in a meerschaum smooth billiard with a medium sized bowl, and the maple is very present all the way through. The smoky dark fired leaf doesn't present itself until about the half way mark. It's a tasty combination, and my hats off to Russ Ouellette for this outstanding concoction. Whodathunk it was possible? I read that Russ took this on as a challenge, and didn't expect it to do well. I just bought a half pound, and I don't usually smoke aromatic blends, so that says a lot about this blend.
5 out of 5
I am relatively new to
I am relatively new to pipe smoking. Vermont Meat Candy is probably the most unique smoke I have had. While I never got much of the bacon flavor, the maple was very much present. The sweetness of the tobacco was pleasant, and a good departure from the regular vanilla sweetness you get in most others. It burns cool with no bite. I would recommend this tobacco to anyone.
5 out of 5
Room note Heaven!
Wonderful smoke! I just got one ounce of the meat candy because I was curious to check it out. Long story short... It will not be my last ounce. The smell of the tobacco in the pouch was underwhelming. I didnt smell bacon or maple the way the description said I should. I was thinking it will likely just be a bland mix that doesn't speak to me in any particular way, but today the wife is away shopping and I thought I woukd have a morning bowl with coffee just to see what the story is.... Good Heavens this smoke is magnificent! Still cant pinpoint the bacon or maple smell but it has a very nice subtle sweetness to the palate and the room note makes me want to fishbowl my whole house to have it constantly smell like this mixture. There was a little tounge bite, but not terrible. Very pleasantly surprised by how good the meat candy tastes and smells. Give it a shot when you can have friends savor the room note with you.
4 out of 5
Strange concept but great experience.
Strange concept but great experience. Starts off with the smoked Burley then as you settle into the bowl the maple comes in nicely with a sweet room note. Good smooth smoke that wont lay you out at the end.
4 out of 5
good blend
Nice pouch and room aroma. No bite a gentle smoke, would definitely recommend.
4 out of 5
Meat Candy, baby
The bacon is mild, the maple a little more noticeable. I still really like it and would buy again, although it looks like I'm the only one. Dude, its called Meat Candy, its gotta be good.
4 out of 5
Vermont meat candy
I bought this on a whim. Everything taste better with bacon. At first I thought, what’s the big hype about this tobacco. As I continued to smoke I could taste the maple and hickory. Now I get it. Not a bad smoke. I don’t think I will be buying this again. It just doesn’t fit my taste.
4 out of 5
Nice smoke
Has a good sweet flavor and aroma I don't find the bacon flavor most talk about though.
4 out of 5
Smokey with a touch of maple
Smokey with a hint of maple...very well balanced. Very good blend.
4 out of 5
VT Meat Candy
A really nice maple combination. The smokiness resembles more like an English blend and doesnt really impart a bacon-like flavor or odor. The room note is absolutely of smoky maple syrup. This will be one of my go-to autumn blends, and would also fit the bill for those who like a morning pipe with coffee. Great blend, will definitely buy more.
2 out of 5
Not a fan
I much prefer Scotty's Butternut Burley for a mild yet flavorful aromatic smoke. "Meat Candy", on the other hand, offers little of what Butternut Burley offers. Meat Candy, I found, is one-dimensional in flavor. Not a fan.
2 out of 5
Not horrible, but i dont get much maple or other flavors from this one.
4 out of 5
Not too sweet
..I feared this would be too over-the-top sweet - but the flavors are blended very well. It would have been 5 stars but toward the bottom of the bowl the flavors pretty much run out and it gets a little heavy for me. But, having said that, it is in my top 20 (of nearly 50 tobacco blends tried).
4 out of 5
Smooth and Subtle
This is a smooth and subtle blend. I'll admit that I prefer Scotty's Salmon River but this is good. The maple is subtle but the bacon has yet to reveal itself to me. It stays lit well and has no apparent bite. Like I said, it's very nice but I'll stick with Salmon River.
5 out of 5
New Favorite Aro!
I have a limited number of aromatics in my collection, one of which is Salmon River. I just like maple, I guess, and a good, subtle maple is hard to come by. Vermont Meat Candy is such a blend and has earned itself a favored place in my cabinet. It's "easy" in all respects and I just simply enjoy the subtle nuances that make this blend what it is.
5 out of 5
Smokes great!
Love the aroma all my friends loved it when I smoked this one
4 out of 5
Sweet, smoky, mild tobacco, it's good!
Totally surprised by this blend, it's really good! The room note is awesome, smells like maple and smoke, I totally get the bacon. The taste is mild, don't go in thinking it's going to taste like eating bacon or eating maple candy. This is a fairly mild, easy going aromatic that has this whisp of maple and smoke that reminds you of cooking bacon, it's really nice. It burns well, it's easy to smoke, the nic hit is low, and it has a pleasant smell and taste. Is this going to beat penzance or aged burley, but it's nice.
5 out of 5
My favorite blend.
Great room note, taste and aroma are right on. Not a syrupy topping burns well all the way to the bottom. Cant say enough one of me favorite blends.
5 out of 5
Thinking back to Granny's Kitchen
The smell of breakfast and a very mild enjoyable smoke. If you've ever smoked Lane 1-Q, then, you'll probably like this. Seems to take a step back as far strength, but, the room-note is better "IMO". Lane 1-Q is great and the sales & reviews speaks for itself, but, something about this one just seems better (probably the smell of breakfast cooking) takes me back to granny's kitchen and the memories that go along with it. Give this on a try, I think you'll agree and step back in time, each time you light up. Thanks again P & C for offering just a great selection and Hearth & Home for making it.
2 out of 5
Hey! Where's the Meat?
Hey! To me, it's just tobacco! Didn't smell the maple or vanilla & I definitely didn't smell anything that reminds me of Mamma's cooking, so I added two ozs. of Creme Brulee & WOW! Now it's an all day smoke like cookies from Mamma's oven!!$ I'm calling it "Carolina Kuckies!!$"
5 out of 5
Excellent Flavor!
This is one of the few aromatics, that I smoke. The hickory smoked flavor, with maple lives up to it's name. It has just the right amount of sweetness and flavor to let the taste of the tobacco blend come through. It smokes cool, with no bite.
2 out of 5
Where's the maple
Not really that great I've had better but it will do in a pinch No real maple flavor to speak of don't go by the reviews
4 out of 5
A great smoke for chilly weather and holidays.
Not a big aro smoker, but this gets a 4 because I am sure it accomplishes exactly what it means to. If this were my blend, I would have added some Latakia to give it the meaty, smokey 'bacon' flavour it lacks. As is, it is a very sweet and sugary maple smoke. Amazing room note. A little on the bitey side, but I feel like anything this sweet is gonna do some biting if you get all that sugar burning too hot.
3 out of 5
Meat That Bites Back
I got a good bit of tongue bite off this blend, though the taste is well worth the bite. A sweet and savoury smoke. Only one relight. Though not in contention with my favourites or of being an all-day smoke for me, I am glad I have a few ounces tucked away for when the specific craving strikes as I am sure it will. To be fair, I'd have given this 3 1/2 stars if possible. Maybe even 4 if I manage to find my bite-free cadence in smoking this blend.
5 out of 5
Great on its own OR to soften another...
I like this one, on its own OR as a mixer to soften another. I CAN smell and taste the maple, but not the bacon which is AOK by me.
4 out of 5
Meat Candy!
Excellent smoke! Needs to have greater availability tho! I've attempted to order it a half dozen times and 4 of the 6 is was completely unavailable.
4 out of 5
Nice blend
I like this blend a lot. It has a unique flavor that is unlike the others. I usually like intense vanilla blends or vanilla cavendish but this one is nice to rotate in for a different flavor. Not exactly bacon, but it is unique.
5 out of 5
Breakfast on the go
Great smell flavor and aroma. I could smell it from the unopened box once it arrived. Will buy it again in greater quantity
5 out of 5
Breakfast on the go
Great smell flavor and aroma. I could smell it from the unopened box once it arrived. Will buy it again in greater quantity
5 out of 5
All time favorite
I'm a sucker for Maple tobacco I've tried them all and meal all of them this is up in the to 5. Only wish I'd have is a little stronger on the Maple. No bite pleasant room aroma what else is there.
5 out of 5
Sweet and tasty
A good early day aromatic with a good dose of Maple and smoked jowl meat. A good combo for this ole country boy. A must try if you like a different change of pace. Will buy again.
4 out of 5
Pretty Good
Slightly sweet, slightly smoky, pretty good, but will bite.
5 out of 5
verry good flavour
really enjoyed this blend . well thought out flavors .
4 out of 5
blends good
It's a good mid day blend . Good room note, slight tongue burn, decent flavor and smell. Definitely will get more! And blends awsome with heavy chocolate flavored tobacco
5 out of 5
H&H Vermont Meat Candy
Great flavor and aroma. I find it best after letting it "air" for a few days.
4 out of 5
Vermont Meat Candy
I'm just a layman when it comes to these reviews, so these are just my personal observations. Pouch note is pleasant, though to be honest it smells a bit like fresh cigarette tobacco. The leaf is a bit moist, so I recommend drying it just a bit so it lights easier. Smoking it is enjoyable. It seems a bit original in that it isn't an aromatic, but I wouldn't call it a true English blend either. The flavor has a smoky flavor (the meat so to speak) with almost a buttery hint of vanilla(?) in the background. Not much tongue bite and I've smoked it in everything from a Dr. Grabow to a Savinelli. Overall this blend manages to distinguish itself from other blends. Enough to make me add it to my rotation.
5 out of 5
A great aromatic.
Enjoying this one for a second time. I plan on getting it again.
3 out of 5
Over Hyped Description
This blend has potential. I think this would taste better with more of the firewood flavor which I'm assuming is the dark fired kentucky. Otherwise I can't taste very much of the maple and this doesn't remind me of bacon. The rest of the flavored don't sit well with me.
1 out of 5
Not very good or sweet at all
1 Star only cause it lights up.
5 out of 5
My favorite smoke!!!!!!
When I first smoked this, I thought I died and went to pipe smokers paradise! It is everything a pipe smoker and bacon lover could never even think of asking for. It has a wonderful smokey sweet flavor which is not overpowering, and it smokes great with no reliting needs. I question one thing about Hearth and Homes tobaccos, is the irange in their strength and flavor ratings, for such good tobaccos, I don't understand what one is to believe their claimed inconsstencies in these areas. I did get some of this blend, that seemed a little stronger than usual, but it was a small price to pay for this great, great blend.
5 out of 5
Smell the bacon
Not one I would use all day, but WOW, you can smell the bacon frying from the first puff, enjoyable and will keep a bit on hand for a special smoke.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites
Great room aroma and pouch actually smells the same. I'm sure I've tried every maple tobacco available and this one beats them all. No bite and burns dry.
5 out of 5
Hearth and Home Vermont Meat Candy
I always get some when available, it's difficult to describe. You get a tone of bacon, sweetness of maple and a general smokiness. All subtle but distinctive.
4 out of 5
No bacon, but like de-stinkified English
Wonderful stuff, but marketed wrong. Maybe if you've never, ever been exposed to hickory in any other way than hickory smoked bacon, you'd associate this with pork. It's more like the pleasant feel from a good campfire. To me, it's an introduction to a robust English-TYPE tobacco without the shoe leather stinkiness. Great room note, too.
5 out of 5
Breakfast for dinner...
I ended up packing the bowl about an hour before I was ready to smoke (life with kids!). My index finger smelled like breakfast and I refused to wash it! I bought this blend because I thought my wife would enjoy the room note. She enjoyed the pouch note from across the room, the lingering smell on my hands after packing, and the aroma while I smoked it. It had no bite, and it stayed lit incredibly well. This was just a delightful and enjoyable aromatic. I am in sampling mode right now, but I can see this one staying in my rotation for a long time.
Customer Testimonials
This is yummy stuff.
JB of Ocean Springs, MS
The Maple casing stands out above all. Can't really taste the bacon or the hickory. This sweet casing also leaves a coating in my mouth. Overall' it's kind of one dimensional. But if you are a maple flavor fan, this is right up your alley.
BH of Lake Worth, FL
This is a delight to smoke. The tin note is wonderful and the room note is AOK by my wife which is ALWAYS good! Thus far, I have bought nothing but H&H Vermont Meat Candy by bulk and have always been a happy camper. P&C always gives great service and if you get your order in by 1:00 or 10:00 PST, it always goes out that day. Good service P&C!
DK of Lake Forest, CA
As never a big aromatic smoker but thought I would give this a try because well... bacon!. I absolutely love this tobacco. One of my favorites if not the best tobacco I've smoked. I ordered 2 ounces as a tester and just cannot get enough. Can't wait to give all of H&H aromatics a try. On a side note P&C has got to be one of the best companies out there. They ship quick, everything they ship is well packaged, I love the magazine's and they're customer service team is nice and on the ball. 10/10 experience all around. Keep it up!
RF of Sparks, NV
After reading all the wonderful reviews “Vermont Meat Candy” received, I’m wondering what I’m missing. Maybe they bagged the wrong tobacco or they received a miss labeled shipment from the supplier? The order I received tasted like a basic vanilla blend. Called P&C had them send me another bag of VMC. Still no Hickory, no maple, no joy. Very disappointed.
DW of Acton, MA
A wonderful Blend that I will always keep in my stash. The longer you let it age the better it gets. Do your self a favor and order a pound of it you won't be disappointed.
AA of fargo, ND
Not at all what I anticipated. This was a hardwood smoke like no other. Was expecting bacon-fat additives maybe :) The blend was slightly sweet, with a log cabin/cedar chest note. I believe my mind WANTED it to taste like bacon which led to a slight disappointment. After the truth set in, this was a very smooth and clean burning blend.
MB of Benton, AR
A most unique and enjoyable aromatic. I got more of the smoky notes in the aroma as opposed to the flavor on the tongue. The maple is front-and-center yet subtle, not "candyish" or cloying, and pairs seamlessly with the earthiness of the tobacco. That said, I'm not sure that more smoke wouldn't ruin the character of this blend. Absolutely no gurgle and after the initial light, a slight tamp and relight, it burned to the basement with no issues. A relaxing indulgence from beginning to end.
MB of Watkinsville, GA
Simply put a wonderful relaxing tasty blend. Smells like a sugar house with a touch of hickory. ..great smoke.
ME of odenville, AL
Good stuff! Smokey, slightly sweet and makes a great all day puffer; especially while working outdoors. Will keep some on hand at all times.
AS of Trinity, NC
I am not a huge ARO fan, but this is some tasty stuff! I don't get much of the bacon, but the maple is distinct and delicious!
MW of Mound City, KS
This blend is great....I will definitely be keeping this on hand.
ME of odenville, AL
I cant say enough good about this blend,it has dark fired in it so right off the bat its a plus for me. Soon as I lighted up the first bowl I got compliments from my wife about how good it smelled,the smokey taste from the dark fired mixed with the maple is just the right combination. Even if you don't like aro's this one you should try,its not a heavy aro. I just bought 1lb of this because its always sold out and is my #1 all day smoke.
DM of Cape Coral, FL
This is a very unique aromatic. It's not a overdone, sickening aro, But a well thought out one. I like this very much. Maple sweet and hickory smoke. Autumn Evening is superior in the maple department and has better quality Virginia's, but if you want something more balance with a little variety, Meat Candy is hard to beat. Autumn Evening is Maple and Butter, this is Maple and hickory smoke. Delicious, will buy again !
TS of Folsom, PA
A delightful maple taste that isn't overbearing, smooth sweet didn't taste the bacon flavoring. Would suggest to others wanting a mild aromatic.
BD of West Burlington, IA
This is one very tasty blend. For many years now I have smoked a blend that is almost identical in taste from another source. It was a bit to sweet for me, but the taste of hickory smoke and maple was a taste that I loved. This blend is exactly what I wanted, and at a cost that is $10.00 per pound less.
RB of Steele, AL
Just ordered more of this. Tried a sample and was hooked. Tasty sweet maple & hickory smoked goodness, but not too sweet.... like boiling down maple sap a bit upwind from a smoke house. A must try for aromatic and non-aromatic smokers... sort of a semi aromatic to me, since the tobacco supplies much of the smoky flavor notes... could ramble on and on about it's virtues... an inspired and imaginative blend. Recommended!
DR of Chicago, IL
So I get this email from Pipe and Cigar - "National Prime Rib week" (or some such BS.) I read the store about this tobacco; funny enough. I then go online and read several reviews. Then I see Russ is giving away a pipe with a small order. What the heck! This is becoming one of my favorite aromatic smokes. This is maybe one of the only aromatics that taste just like it smells. The wife likes it too. You truly can close your eyes and believe some one's cooking bacon. If you like aromatics and you like sweet... you're gonna love this.
HT of West Melbourne, FL
One of the best blends I've had in a long time. No bite great room aroma and it actually tastes like it smells. This is definately an all day smoke. I'd also like to add a good word for Pipes and Cigars, a great company to deal with' all the blends you could possibly want with fast and over the top service.
EB of Malta, NY
Absolutely tasty blend. Subtle smoky taste reminds me of bacon with just a hint of sweet maple at the finish. Could smoke this every day
BG of Franklin, TN