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John Cotton
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John Cotton's Double Pressed Glasgow

John Cotton's pipe tobaccos originated in Scotland, so for their first limited edition aromatic in the Double Pressed series, they named it after Glasgow, the most populous city in Scotland. It starts with pressed, sweet, and zesty Virginia varietals, hearty Burley, and delicate toasted black Cavendish. The tobaccos are treated to a singular top note that produces a gloriously sweet and woody flavor while allowing the smooth tobacco flavor to come through and creating a pleasant and comforting aroma. The crowning touch for this outstanding blend is the second pressing. After being initially turned into a flake, the tobaccos are tumbled out and allowed to breathe, and then are returned to the mold to be re-pressed into an easy-to-prepare crumble cake. This marries, matures, and mellows the leaf to deliver a smooth and flavorful experience that is nothing like anything you've ever tried before.

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Overall Rating4.43 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “John Cotton's Double Pressed Glasgow”

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5 out of 5
Double pressed tobacco seems to
Double pressed tobacco seems to last longer in the pipe than flakes. Flavor has good character.
3 out of 5
Great, but not for the price.
This is a quality tobacco to be sure. The tin note is pleasant which is very floral primarily and a little peaty. You can simply break off chucnks of the cake and then squeeze them to break them apart. The tobacco is not overly moist in the tin by any means, however I do recommend at least 10 minutes of drying time after crumbling, otherwise it will burn a little warm, not enough to provide any tongue-bite but could certainly cause throat or mouth sore because of hot air. This really has no chance of biting due to the process they used in creating it which is a huge plus. The taste is extremely mild to me, which is why I gave it three stars--much too mild to warrant the higher price of this tin. It is a mild and somewhat unique smoke in that the flavor is floral, a little sweet and creamy, and woodsy, just not enough of it! You can get it going just right at certain times throughout the bowl where the flavor does really shine, but by the time you're getting somewhere satisfying with it, the bowl is just finishing up, not so great. I would say there are better offerings out there for this kind of thing. Very pleasant otherwise, and would make a perfect all day any time of the day smoke if you want to spend the $$. I have not finished my tin yet, but have smoked about 2/3 of it, and plan to enjoy the rest. Everything about this tobacco sounds like it would check all my boxes, but for the fact that there just isn't enough of the good flavor that it offers from the combined tobaccos.
4 out of 5
Very good
If you're not into aromatics, like me, don't worry. The topping is mild to nonexistent. Like all the other JC double pressed b!ends, this is a winner. Rich yet sublime, a little milder than their double pressed burley.
5 out of 5
It started at 3 stars and a month later...
Filled an old German clay and it's really tasty. Sweet, smooth and smoky. Just keeps getting better with time.
5 out of 5
Not a conventional aromatic
Very smooth and flavorful. Mild topping that is woody, with a hint of smoke and maybe some whiskey. I really enjoyed the taste, whatever it was. No tongue bite at all and it burned about 45 minutes. Only had to to relight a few times.
4 out of 5
Balanced Scottish, recommended
Flavor profile reminds me of trailmix or oat bars with chocolate chips. There is a nice balance between the sweet virginias, nutty, woody burley and cool, sweet black cavendish. Crumble cake moisture content is optimal. Little moisture in the bowl. Could be an all day smoke. Some complexity at a lower level. Mild nicotine delivery. Burns cool, no bite. Burns faster than your average pipe blend.
5 out of 5
★★★★ Medium to Strong Extremely Mild Medium to Full Pleasant to Tolerable
I purchased a new tin of John Cotton's Double Pressed Glasgow from The tin note evokes honey, sourdough, peppercorn, vinegar, and is mildly floral. The lightly fermented Virginias, burley, and black cavendish leaves are pressed into a crumble cake, which has slightly less than preferred moisture content, but is easy to pack. The initial light brings a surprising amount of citrus and black pepper from the Virginias, followed by notes of sweet grass, cedar, and honey. The cavendish and burley support with a vegetal, sugary, toasted nuts quality. The double-pressing process offers a mildly fermented, robust sweetness and depth to the tobaccos. The casing is extremely mild — it could be fruit or citrus or floral, but is ultimately difficult to identify, as it doesn't unnecessarily subdue the tobaccos. The nicotine strength falls in the middle of medium and medium-strong, but could easily be a repeatable smoke. A mellow tobacco with character, a couple rough edges, and a pleasing room note. Age When Smoked: New Purchased From:
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