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John Cotton
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John Cotton's Sweet English

John Cotton's Sweet English is where the English-style Latakia blend meets a gentle aromatic. Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish are blended with enough Latakia to make this a great choice when you want to enjoy a pipe but want a pleasant room note - gentle enough to enjoy all day.

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Overall Rating4.2 out of 5 Based on 10 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “John Cotton's Sweet English”

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5 out of 5
Excellent flavor, smooth and sweet
Excellent flavor, smooth and sweet
4 out of 5
Needs a little something
As much as I and all my family like it, I just can’t give it 5/5. It just seems to be missing something. That something is more Latakia. A couple pinches of P.S. latakia and it’s all good. 4.75/5
5 out of 5
A Keeper
Lives up to its name. Smooth, sweet taste without compromising traditional English flavor.
4 out of 5
Why there'll always be an England
This is a sweetheart of a blend! I'm on my third can of Sweet English and am about to order another. SE is a balanced, full-flavored aromatic blend that you can smoke all day and still hear no complaints when the spouse arrives in the evening unlike some blends that leave your mouth feeling like you just gargled tabasco sauce or smelling like you spent the night standing in your fireplace's chimney. It also blends well with other tobaccos. I sometimes mix it with Cotton's #3 or a pinch of Seattle Pipe Club's Plum Pudding for a change of pace. Good, all-around everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
Well worth a try
I love sitting outside on the porch with my pipe, but living in snow country makes that tough at night. I lit this up in the living room the other night and when my wife came down the stairs she commented on how nice the room note was. This is a really nice, smooth comfort tobacco that has a good Latakia flavor that doesn't overpower. Just enough moisture in the can and I rarely have to re-light. Great every day tobacco, one that I usually fit into the rotation a few times a week. If you want a Latakia blend that your wife won't give you that look (you know that look) this is one to try.
5 out of 5
Overall enjoyable smoke.
I found this blend to be very enjoyable. I did not find it overly sweet. The tin note has a nice mix of latakia, a slight sweet smell of the Cavendish and Virginia's with an undertone that leans towards plum to me. Mine arrived slightly on the dry side, however that was perfect for this blend. It lit easy and burned cool. The taste has just a light sweetness (just enough) with a nice amount of latakia without being over handed and did not bite at all. Compared to Sutliff Burma Road, I found John Cotton's Sweet English to be less sweet and less latakia, but a far more enjoyable smoke with much more smooth tobacco and delicious latakia flavor. Even the wife approved, stating she actually liked the the room note and the smell of the latakia in this one. That makes this one a keeper! The blend works and the tobacco's behave together very nicely allowing the latakia to shine without it taking over. Perfect for those who want to try an English for the first time or those who enjoy a slightly sweet and smooth English blend.
3 out of 5
5 out of 5
The name is perfect
Having settled into the reality that Latakia and English blends are my favorites, I decided to give this one a try. It was excellent from top to bottom, and is one I look forward to getting back to in my rotation. Great Latakia from the char light, and simply stays throughout the bowl. Easy to light and stayed lit to the bottom. My wife loved the room note, and there was no tongue bite at all. If English is something you are interested in trying, this is a good place to start.
5 out of 5
Sure it’s slightly sweet... read the label name!
Smoked my first bowl today and LOVED it. It’s like a slightly sweeter version of FM Cellar. I will be buying more of this soon!
1 out of 5
Well, you win some, and you lose some, I guess!
Rather disappointed by the cloying sickly sweetness of the Cavendish, but nothing which cannot be fixed with the addition of some pure Latakia, so I just added 50g of Lat to this tin, and we will see how it goes! (I hate waste!)
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